Examples of 12 DiSC personality types

Examples of 12 DiSC personality types

I get her now!Everything DiSC® uses four basic styles to describe how people approach their work and relationships, but twelve styles are actually noted on your personal profile report. The position of your dot and the shading or your circle reflects your strongest tendencies or priorities.

Here are a few examples of the nuances of the twelve styles. Your own DiSC profile report will give you tips about how you might be inclined to relate to these twelve styles and what your challenges might be.

DC – challenge, results, accuracy

Goals: Independence, personal accomplishment

Fears: Failure to achieve to their own standards

Leadership qualities: Setting high expectations, speaking up about problems

D – results, action, challenge

Goals: Bottom-line results, victory

Fears: Being taken advantage of or appearing weak

Leadership qualities: Showing confidence, taking charge, focusing on results

Di – action, results, enthusiasm

Goals: Quick action, new opportunities

Fears: Loss of power

Leadership qualities: Stretching the boundaries, finding opportunities

iD – action, enthusiasm, results

Goals: Exciting breakthroughs

Fears: Fixed environments, loss of approval or attention

Leadership qualities: Finding opportunities, promoting bold action

i – enthusiasm, action, collaboration

Goals: Popularity, approval, excitement

Fears: Rejection, not being heard

Leadership qualities: Showing enthusiasm, building professional networks

iS – collaboration, enthusiasm, support

Goals: Friendship

Fears: Pressuring others, being disliked

Leadership qualities: Being approachable, acknowledging contributions

Si – collaboration, support, enthusiasm

Goals: Acceptance, close relationships

Fears: Being forced to pressure others, facing aggression

Leadership qualities: Creating a positive environment, acknowledging contributions

S – support, stability, collaboration

Goals: Harmony, stability

Fears: Letting people down, rapid change

Leadership qualities: Staying open to input, showing diplomacy

SC – stability, support, accuracy

Goals: Calm environments, fixed objectives, steady progress

Fears: Time pressure, uncertainty, chaos

Leadership qualities: Maintaining composure, being fair minded

CS – stability, accuracy, support

Goals: Stability, reliable outcomes

Fears: Emotionally charged situations, ambiguity

Leadership qualities: Showing modesty, being fair minded

C – accuracy, stability, challenge

Goals:  Accuracy, objective processes

Fears: Being wrong, strong displays of emotion

Leadership qualities: Communicating with clarity, promoting disciplined analysis

CD – challenge, accuracy, results

Goals: Efficient results, rational decisions

Fears: Failure, lack of control

Leadership qualities: Creates high standards, improving methods



Learn more and review a sample Everything DiSC Workplace profile (also available in Spanish or French).

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by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team


  1. Melissa 6 years ago

    I have taken the test twice and found that I am in the middle of the road in all four quadrants – both times. I find I can adapt to any personality. Is there others like me.

    • Author
      The DiSCProfile.com team 6 years ago

      Did you take one of the Everything DiSC® assessments? Their computerized adaptive testing methods make it less likely for anyone to appear in the center of the circle. But it’s possible. I would ask whomever gave you the assessment for the Supplemental Report for Facilitators. It gives a slightly different look into your style and a few more details. If you took another DISC test, then I can’t comment on those results at all. There are many less reliable versions out there.

      • Fenris 3 years ago

        Hi i have 3 traits S C and a rising I. The mentor couldn give me a copy of my results interpretation. She said its quite rare. Is there any reference for 3 traits DiSc

        • Author
          The DiSCProfile.com team 3 years ago

          It sounds like you took a DISC test that wasn’t an Everything DiSC assessment. Some assessments using the DISC model are better than others. Everything DiSC plots your results in a circle and offers a Supplement Report for Facilitators that would provide more insight into your style. You can buy an assessment for yourself at https://www.discprofile.com/products/everything-disc-workplace-single/.

  2. Eska 4 years ago

    I score in the middle as well. Would this mean you possess balanced traits?

    • Author
      The DiSCProfile.com team 4 years ago

      I think reading your entire Everything DiSC profile report will give you the best description of your style. Dig into the pages just about you. People score in every position of the DiSC map and more details about their scores can be found in the Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators report, if that’s available to you.

  3. sarah 3 years ago

    I took the disc online free assessment, my result was level

    cannot find any additional info about what this means

  4. Trudy Morrisson 3 years ago

    Hi, yes i was right near the centre but very slightly on the SI line. I thought it was odd. Our facilitator said I was very adaptive. But Id like to understand it more… everyone else in our team fit a profile so well. I felt like a chameleon.

  5. Max Jones 1 year ago

    This was an interesting article about DISC profiles. My brother is interested in learning more about his personality type. I’ll tell him to consider getting a DISC personality profile.

  6. AJ 1 year ago

    I guess this is the place where all the Ls congregate. Lol. I’ve searched high and low as well to find info on Level and Balanced personalities. Not much too much is out there. That’s how rare it is. I did find this tho:

    By having a LEVEL personality style, you tend to naturally be very flexible. You are very adaptable and adjustable to almost any set of circumstances. You are probably able to “raise” or “lower” a trait as needed.

    Words that describe the L: Reliable, Loyal, Calculating, Persistent, Practical, Friendly, Traditional, Responsible, Warm, Consistent, Communicative, Responsive, Truthful, Logical, Productive, Conservative, Dependable, Driving, Gifted, and Imaginative.

    You are least comfortable when you perceive that you may lose or have confrontation or experience rejection. The Level style blend tends to respond in different ways to various situations. By having a Level style blend, you comfortably act contemplative or free spirited; patient or responsive; persuasive or reserved. The Level style blend at various times wants control or harmony; approval or logic; routine or variety. Your best response under pressure is to remain calm and objective while taking steps to improve the situation. Remember: The key to your success is to exercise being under-control. Make a conscious effort to understand ways you may respond in different situations and why you respond the way you do.

    Hope this helps. All the best and continue being awesome!

    • Author
      The DiSCProfile.com team 1 year ago

      I haven’t seen any research from the psychometricians at Wiley (Everything DiSC) to support this. It might be true of other DISC-based instruments.
      Your own profile report should provide you with a good description of yourself. And the Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators report can provide additional information if your profile is a bit confusing.

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