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Test your knowledge of DiSC styles

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Ready to test your knowledge of DiSC® styles? Select the best answer to each question below and see how you do. If you don’t feel ready for the quiz, why not review our overview of DiSC styles?

Test your knowledge of DiSC styles
A C style is described as
An i style is limited by
 A DiSC D style is motivated by
An i style values
A D style fears
The best way to recognize and reward a D style is to
If selling to DiSC C styles, you should remember to
When managing an S style you should
An S style needs
The S style leader tends to be
An i style’s goal is
A C style prioritizes

Kristeen Bullwinkle

Steeped in Everything DiSC since 2010. Strongly inclined CD style. Leadership style and EQ mindset: resolute. Believes strongly in the serial comma.

Certifications from Wiley:
Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

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