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A C-style word cloud in a silhouette of a person’s head

C-type personalities

The C in the Everything DiSC® model stands for conscientiousness. C types value high standards, careful analysis, and diplomacy.

DiSC map—a circle with D, i, S, and C quadrants

What is the C in DiSC®?

In the Everything DiSC model, C stands for conscientiousness. People whose DiSC type is C value high standards, careful analysis, and diplomacy. They tend to be private and less likely than other styles to engage in small talk. They are often logical, accurate, and reserved.

How do you get typed as a C?

At its simplest, the DISC model measures two dimensions: pace (from fast to moderate) and agreeableness (from accepting to skeptical). The C styles are those personalities that are both moderate-paced and reflective, and also questioning and skeptical.

What do the DiSC C scales measure?

In addition to the two scales mentioned above, the Everything DiSC assessment measures eight style scales. These are the C scales.

DiSC scale Description
C The C scale measures a private, analytical disposition using items such as “I am analytical” and “I keep to myself.”
CD/DC The CD/DC scale measures a skeptical, impatient disposition using items such as, “Being skeptical is one of my strengths” and “I get impatient with incompetent people.”
CS/SC The CS/SC scale measures a cautious, passive disposition using items such as, “I tend to be soft-spoken” and “I spend more time listening than talking.”

Dot placement

Where you fall on the C scale will be shown by the dot placement on your own Everything DiSC profile. For example, you might be strongly inclined to the CD style with your dot appearing on the far edge and between the C and D lines. Or you might be slightly inclined toward the C style with your dot appearing closer to the middle and centered in the C quadrant. (Learn more at DiSC® dot and priorities explained.)

DiSC map with the dot in the C quadrant and an extra priority for enthusiasm

The C styles: C, CD, CS

C style image with these priorities: accuracy, stability, and challenge

The C style

People with a C style prioritize accuracy. They hold themselves to high standards and enjoy opportunities to display competence. The strong C can be hard to get to know well. They tend to display personal restraint that conceals their reactions and emotions.

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CD style image with these priorities: challenge, accuracy, and results

The CD style

CD-style people enjoy a good challenge. They are the least cautious of the C styles, but they won’t accept new ideas without first asking a lot of questions. They tend to be unsentimental and matter-of-fact. CD-style folks can also be quite stubborn and determined. Their goal is to get the desired results.

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CS style image with these priorities: stability, accuracy, and support

The CS style

CS-style people value stability and tend to be a bit warmer and more accepting than other C styles. They like to be well-prepared, taking time to refine their ideas and plan before taking action. They tend to be even-tempered and patient with people or situations others find difficult but can withdraw if they do become uncomfortable.

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Working with C-style people

Communicating with C styles

  • Focus on facts and details.
  • Minimize “pep talk” or emotional language.
  • Be patient, persistent, and diplomatic.
  • Respect their preference to work independently.
  • Don’t be put off by their more detached approach.
  • Allow time to get to know each other better to avoid misunderstanding.

C-style sayings

People with the DiSC C style may identify with these common sayings.

  • Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • If you want something done right, do it yourself.
  • A penny saved is a penny earned.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Knowledge is power.

Problem-solving with C styles

  • Allow them time for careful analysis.
  • Show appreciation for their logic.
  • Don’t let them get bogged down in the details.

C styles in meetings

  • They don’t respond well to making big decisions that feel rushed or pressured.
  • They often need all the details before taking a stance.

Motivations in the workplace

  • Solving problems through logic
  • Catching errors or flaws in design

Stressors in the workplace

  • Being around emotional or erratic people
  • Making decisions without time for analysis

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