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An S-style word cloud in a silhouette of a person’s head

S-type personalities

The S in the Everything DiSC® model stands for steadiness. S types are loyal, sincere, dependable, and cooperative.

DiSC map: circle with D, i, S, and C quadrants

What is the S in DiSC®?

In the Everything DiSC model, S stands for steadiness. People with S-type personalities are often described as calm, peaceful, or even-tempered. S styles are loyal, sincere, dependable, and cooperative. They show a great deal of concern for the feelings of the people around them.

How do you get typed as an S?

A DiSC assessment uses your responses to measure whether you are more fast-paced or cautious and whether you are naturally more skeptical or accepting. The S types are those personalities that are both cautious and reflective, and accepting and warm.

What do the DiSC S scales measure?

The most basic DISC model is two-dimensional, but the Everything DiSC assessment measures eight scales. These are the S scales:

DiSC scale Description
S The S scale measures a calm, accommodating disposition using items such as, “I am gentle” and “I go out of my way to make sure I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.”
Si/iS The Si/iS scale measures a positive, empathetic disposition using items such as, “I am naturally upbeat” and “I tend to see the best in people.”
SC/CS The SC/CS scale measures a cautious, passive disposition using items such as, “I tend to be soft-spoken” and “I spend more time listening than talking.”

Dot placement

Where you fall on the S scale will be shown by the dot placement on your own Everything DiSC profile. You might be strongly inclined to the SC style with your dot appearing on the far edge and between the S and C lines. Or you might be slightly inclined toward the S style with your dot appearing closer to the middle and centered in the S quadrant. (Learn more at DiSC® dot and priorities explained.)

DiSC map with the dot in the S quadrant

The S styles: S, Si, SC

S style image with these priorities: support, stability, and collaboration

The S style

People with an S style are concerned with helping others, maintaining stability, and keeping the peace. They are calm, patient, and consistent.

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Si style image with these priorities: collaboration, support, and enthusiasm

The Si style

The Si-style person is the most outgoing of the S styles. They tend to be generous, approachable, and compassionate. People with Si styles value close relationships and tend to have a high level of natural empathy.

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S style image with these priorities: stability, support, and accuracy

The SC style

Of all the S styles, the SC is the most analytical. People with SC-type personalities are reserved, modest, and reliable. They are often diplomatic and prefer to think things through before speaking.

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Working with S-style people

Communicating with S styles

  • Be personal, amiable, and polite.
  • Make your expectations clear.
  • Express your interest in them.
  • Take time to provide clarification.
  • Avoid being confrontational or too aggressive.

S-style sayings

People with the DiSC S style may identify with these common sayings.

  • Better safe than sorry.
  • Good things come to those who wait.
  • Two heads are better than one.
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • There’s no place like home.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Problem-solving with S styles

  • Respect their cautious pace.
  • Consider other people’s feelings when making decisions.
  • Set a timeline that fits everyone’s needs.

S styles in meetings

  • They feel comfortable when provided with an outline in advance.
  • They prefer meetings where everyone has a chance to be heard.

Motivations in the workplace

  • Creating helpful systems and procedures
  • Working with people who listen sincerely

Stressors in the workplace

  • Working without clear guidelines
  • Having to argue for their point of view

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