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An i-style word cloud in a silhouette of a person’s head

i-type personalities

The i in the Everything DiSC® model stands for influence. i types are outgoing, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

DiSC map image—a circle with D, i, S, and C quadrants

What is the i in DiSC®?

In the Everything DiSC model, i stands for influence. People with i styles present a high-spirited and lively demeanor. They are outgoing, enthusiastic, and optimistic. i-style people seek excitement and new opportunities.

How do you get typed as an i?

At its most basic, the DiSC model uses your responses to place you on two scales: fast-paced to moderate-paced, and accepting to skeptical. If your DiSC profile says that you are an i style, you are likely more fast-paced & outspoken and accepting & warm than the general population.

What do the DiSC i scales measure?

Beyond the two dimensions discussed above, the Everything DiSC assessment measures eight scales. These are the i scales:

DiSC scale Description
i The i scale measures a sociable, lively disposition using items such as, “I love meeting new people” and “I tend to liven things up.”
iS/Si The iS/Si scale measures a positive, empathetic disposition using items such as, “I am naturally upbeat” and “I tend to see the best in people.”
iD/Di The iD/Di scale measures a bold, active disposition using items such as, “I tend to be the first one to try new things” and “I am dynamic.”

Dot placement

Where you fall on the i scale will be shown by the dot placement on your own Everything DiSC profile. For example, you might be strongly inclined to the iD style with your dot appearing on the far edge of the circle and between the i and D lines. Or you might be slightly inclined toward the i style with your dot appearing closer to the middle and centered in the i quadrant. (Learn more at DiSC® dot and priorities explained.)

A DiSC map with the dot in the i quadrant

The i styles: i, iS, iD

i style image with these priorities: enthusiasm, action, and collaboration

The i style

People with an i style are characterized by enthusiasm. They are upbeat and excited by possibilities. They might be seen energetically telling a story, with wild gesticulations, sound effects, or expressive metaphors.

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iS style image with these priorities: collaboration, enthusiasm, and support

The iS style

This is the calmer and more moderately paced i style. People with iS styles value collaboration and display a high level of empathy. They are warm, friendly, and accepting, seeking the good in others.

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iD style image with these priorities: action, enthusiasm, and results

The iD style

The iD style is motivated by action. They crave a fast pace and forward momentum. They can be impulsive, persuasive, charming, and passionate.

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Working with i-style people

Communicating with i styles

  • Focus on the positives.
  • Share your experiences.
  • Don’t overload them with details.
  • Allow them time to ask questions and share their ideas.
  • Avoid interrupting them.
  • Show respect for their spontaneity, high energy, and optimism.

i-style sayings

People with the DiSC i style may identify with these common sayings.

  • Easy come, easy go.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining.
  • There’s no time like the present.
  • Let a smile be your umbrella.
  • Variety is the spice of life.

Problem-solving with i styles

  • Remain optimistic while considering all potential issues.
  • Show them that you’re open to creative solutions.
  • Expect spontaneity.

i styles in meetings

  • They flourish when given the opportunity to express personal opinions.
  • They like to have open discussions with others.

Motivations in the workplace

  • Initiating exciting projects
  • Being around lively and charismatic people

Stressors in the workplace

  • Being isolated for long periods
  • Giving people negative feedback

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