Understanding our DiSC i-style colleagues and friends

Understanding our DiSC i-style colleagues and friends

How much do you know about the i personality preference?

i-rejection-smallYou can often recognize i-style people by their outgoing energy, optimism, warmth, and gift of gab. These are the people who want to experience life. They want to touch it, smell it, see it, talk about it and then move on to the next experience. They aren’t typically seen at work buried in the details of a spreadsheet.

But how do the i-styles differ? What difference does the placement of the DiSC dot really make?

The solid i or the high i

DiSC i style priorities

The strong i personality is characterized by ENTHUSIASM. They remain upbeat and excited by possibilities a little to a lot longer than others. He might be seen energetically telling a story, with wild gesticulations, sound effects, or expressive metaphors and then lose the main point.

They are usually popular because of their social skills and charm. Sometimes they go overboard with praise and excitement, making others uncomfortable with their emotional candor. You can help out an i by helping her be more objective and making her follow through on assigned tasks.

If you’re in conflict with a high i, be sure to employ your active listening skills. Collaboration is important to him, so stress teamwork and new opportunities if able.

Corresponding DiSC Classic patterns: Promoter, Appraiser (with strengths in C).

Leadership style: Energizing.
Energizing leaders can be upbeat, eager, and willing to take chances on colorful new ideas. They can also be scattered, erratic leaders who see little need for consistency.

DiSC iD style prioritiesThe iD style

How does iD differ from the i? They want to see ACTION. They are excited by breakthroughs, by a fast pace, by seeing progress. They are energized by momentum. This means they can also be impulsive and even lash out if overly stressed.

You might spot your iD colleague fidgeting during long meetings, especially if he hasn’t been doing much talking. Or you might find her monopolizing the conversation. If so, she’s probably delivering her points with passion.

Getting the iD to patiently look through a home budget might be a challenge. He might enjoy looking at savings goals, but not sticking to a budget for meals. She might come up with clever ways to track and celebrate meeting budget goals.

Corresponding DiSC Classic patterns: Persuader.

Leadership style: Pioneering.
They can be bold, passionate leaders who inspire others to take chances on new directions. They might be impulsive, overconfident leaders who use their charm to gain support for wild ideas.

DiSC iS style prioritiesThe iS style

This is the calmer and moderately-paced of the i styles. They value COLLABORATION.

If you want someone to remind you about the goodness in people, this is the style to seek out. They are warm, friendly, and accepting.

You might notice an iS colleague suggesting adding another person to your deliberations or collaborating with another department. They probably volunteer for the United Way campaign or other fundraising activities. She will have a very hard time firing someone.

The iS influences others by being supportive and empathetic.  Teamwork seems to come naturally. However, he tends to take criticism personally and will avoid conflict. She doesn’t like having to pressure someone. He uses carrots more often than sticks.

Corresponding DiSC Classic patterns: Counselor.

Leadership style: Affirming.
At their best, they can be supportive leaders who work to create a respectful, positive environment. At their worst, they can be indirect, conflict-averse leaders who fail to hold others accountable.

Words to describe the DiSC i style

The i style on Pinterest

Leadership style summaries were taken from 8 Dimensions of Leadership, a book covering the same styles (or dimensions of leadership personality) as the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile.

by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team



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