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Artwork representing each DiSC style

DiSC facilitators can help deepen learners' understanding of the 12 DiSC styles by asking them to choose or react to artwork to represent each style. Here are some ideas for incorporating this activity into your training, as well as which pieces we chose for each style.
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We love finding different ways to deepen learners’ understanding of the 12 Everything DiSC® styles. Visual learners may appreciate this one: matching each DiSC style to a piece of visual art that seems to represent the style in some way.

As a DiSC facilitator, you can incorporate this idea in many ways. For example:

  • Show a piece of artwork on the screen and ask people to discuss which style they think it aligns with and why.
  • Ask small groups to find works of art that represent the styles. If you have people broken up into small groups according to style, you can either have them pick art for their own style or for a different style. Both produce interesting results. Make sure you leave time for the groups to explain their reasoning, and to ask others in the training whether they agree with the choice.
  • Before a training, ask people to bring a picture of a favorite artwork. During the training, ask people to talk about how their style might be reflected in what draws them to the piece.

There are many places to find artwork collections online. You can start with Google Arts & Culture, or with your favorite museum’s online collection.

Here’s what I chose for each style, and why:

DC style

Untitled 43 by Harrison Fisher

Painting by Harrison Fisher: Untitled 43.

Why I chose this art piece for the DC style: The subject has received her diploma, completing the work that needed to be done to reach her goal. But she carries a book, implying she wants to learn even more. She’s holding herself off a bit from her peers and is the only one who seems to have noticed the artist’s or our gaze.

D style

He Thinks He’s So Big by Haddon Hubbard Sundblom

Painting by Haddon Hubbard Sundblom: He Thinks He’s So Big

Why I chose this art piece for the D style: The subject is on his own, looking to the future, and is goal-oriented. He wants strength and status. The sword is symbolic of cutting through to the heart of a matter. His youth implies that there’s also playfulness, but it’s not being presented at the moment. This reminds us that while we tend to present as one style, we have all styles of behavior available to us.

Di style

New York City IV by Richard Lindner

Painting by Richard Lindner, New York City IV

Why I chose this art piece for the Di style: It’s bold, colorful, and commanding. This piece says, “stop and look at me.” New York City is a place of power and vibrant culture. All this speaks to me of the Di style.

The Big Wheel by Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall’s The Big Wheel

Why I chose this art piece for the iD personality: The iD-style person wants to stand out and this Ferris wheel does. It dominates the Paris skyline; it’s even bigger than the Eiffel Tower from this view. The painting is bold (no sky is ever that gold or green), strong, and full of energy.


i style

Jazz by Man Ray

Painting by Man Ray: Jazz

Why I chose this art piece for the i style: This piece is energetic, expressive, and colorful. It demands your attention and emotional response. Jazz is a performance art and demands improvisation, something that comes more naturally to the i-style person.

iS style

Dear Friends I Give You the Sun and My Sunny Art by Maria Primachenko

Dear Friends I Give You the Sun and My Sunny Art by Maria Primachenko

Why I chose this art piece for the iS style: The sun, bright and cheery colors, and a title that suggests a gift all speak to the iS style to me. It’s expressive and warm, encouraging good feelings and positivity.

Si style

La Procession by Jean Dupas

Painting: La Procession by Jean Dupas

Why I chose this art piece for the Si style: I can see an Si-style person organizing a parade or just parading all their friends. They are good at recognizing the accomplishments of others. The painting is more about expression than detail, although it doesn’t lack color or movement, and the birds seem to be joining the party rather than fleeing a commotion.

S style

Seated Bather by Georges Seurat

Why I chose this art piece for the S style: The S style seeks peace and stability. The bather is enjoying the environment but not jumping in and swimming or splashing about. The two people might be there together or not, but there seems to be harmony between them.

SC style

The Party Favor by Norman Rockwell

Painting: The Party Favor by Norman Rockwell

Why I chose this art piece for the SC style: Neither child in this painting seems quite ready for the bang they know is coming, but it’s a traditional party activity, so the holiday cracker needs to be pulled. This is how the SC tries to meet the expectations of others. The tension on the cracker toy creates a need for each child to find balance. The solid line at the bottom of the painting also suggests the seeking of stability.

CS style

Marigolds and Tangerines by Felix Vallotton

Marigolds and Tangerines by Felix Vallotton

Why I chose this art piece for the CS style: It’s a carefully rendered painting representing a traditional still life on a stable base. The realism and careful arrangement suggest the C style to me, and the vivid color and lighting suggest the S style.

C style

The Hat Makes the Man by Max Ernst

The Hat Makes the Man by Max Ernst

Why I chose this art piece for the C style: This painting takes a saying and makes it more literal, although no human is shown. It shows balance and stability. To me, it says, “Let’s really take a good look at the hat as metaphor.”

CD style

Man Reading by Paul Wunderlich

Man Reading by Paul Wunderlich

Why I chose this art piece for the CD style: This is my own style and finding an appropriate image was challenging. Luckily, my style enjoys a good challenge and this painting is itself challenging. It shows the backbone and focus of the CD style, but in dark tones that suggest to me the no-nonsense style with its desire for privacy, control, and stability.


Kristeen Bullwinkle

Steeped in Everything DiSC since 2010. Strongly inclined CD style. Leadership style and EQ mindset: resolute. Believes strongly in the serial comma.

Certifications from Wiley:
Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

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