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What we love about each DiSC style

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Frankly, each of us sometimes experiences frustration due to the styles of others. We can lose patience with or just not “get” another person. Even in our office, you might hear a comment like, “Can you soften your D style a bit while we discuss the issue?” or “Can you stretch into the C style to take care of those reports?” But we also really love each style and try to learn from each of them.

DiSC circumplex edited to be in the shape of a tulip or heart

It’s a common facilitation technique to go around the room and tell each person what you appreciate about them, so we decided to do that with each DiSC® style. These are comments from our own staff about what we love and appreciate about each style. We’ve reversed the order here just to change things up. Our i-style staff member likes that.

Everything DiSC C

  • We love how you are willing to share your knowledge and want to learn even more.
  • We love how you challenge our assumptions.
  • You help us keep an eye on what, quite honestly, often bores us.
  • You’re the one we go to for honest, in-depth feedback.
  • We love how you remind us of details, decisions, and policies we had forgotten about.
  • Sometimes you keep us from getting into trouble.

Everything DiSC S

  • We love that you’re there for us; that you are patient with us and want to know our opinions.
  • We love how you pay attention to our physical environment and space issues.
  • We know that we can go a little wild because you’ll bring us back to reality and the present.
  • You pay attention to stuff we value but tend to forget about until it’s missing.
  • We love how reliable you are and how grounded.
  • We know you make us all look good.

Everything DiSC i

  • We love your energy and enthusiasm.
  • We love how you get us engaged in activities.
  • We love your optimism and how you can be a cheerleader for us.
  • You don’t let us get stuck in a gloomy rut or routine. You keep us moving.
  • Your willingness to spout out ideas can really inspire our creativity.
  • You keep things fun.

Everything DiSC D

  • We love how you move us toward action and results.
  • We love that you are willing to take risks.
  • We love how you aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.
  • You make us more productive and encourage us to try new things.
  • We know where you stand, and we know where we stand with you.
  • When we can’t decide where to go to eat, you’re willing to make the decision.

Learn about the DiSC styles:

CD style graphic showing the priorities of challenge, accuracy, and results
C style graphic showing priorities of accuracy, stability, and challenge
CS style graphic showing the priorities of stability, accuracy, and support
SC style graphic showing priorities of stability, support, and accuracy
S style graphic showing priorities of support, stability, and collaboration
Si style graphic showing priorities of collaboration, support, and enthusiasm
iS style graphic with the priorities of collaboration, enthusiasm, and support
DiSC i style graphic with the priorities enthusiasm, action, and collaboration
iD style graphic showing the priorities of action, enthusiasm, and results
Di style graphic with the priorities of action, results, and enthusiasm
D style graphic showing the priorities of results, action, and challenge
DC style graphic with the priorities of challenge, results, and accuracy

Kristeen Bullwinkle

Steeped in Everything DiSC since 2010. Strongly inclined CD style. Leadership style and EQ mindset: resolute. Believes strongly in the serial comma.

Certifications from Wiley:
Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

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