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DiSC® S-style group culture

The “Get along” team
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Group culture has a large impact on the behavior, attitudes, and satisfaction of each group member. People who fit into the culture often feel right at home in the group. But for other people, the culture leads them to feel like strangers in a strange land. The environment makes them uncomfortable.

Culture also has implications for the group as a whole. It affects such things as the pace at which work gets done, how outsiders are treated, the attention paid to details, or risks that the group takes. These in turn influence the success of the group in meeting its goals.

When a team displays an S culture it tends to be stable, predictable, and friendly.

The “Get along” team (DiSC S-type group)

The S culture rewards

  • cooperation
  • loyalty
  • humility
  • thoughtfulness
  • team focus

The S culture criticizes

  • aggressiveness
  • pushiness
  • disruptiveness
  • nonconformity
  • sudden change

Advantages of the S culture

  • commits to getting the job done right
  • provides a relaxed atmosphere
  • works toward dependable and reliable results
  • promotes feelings of comfort and security
  • cultivates work-life balance
  • encourages a strong sense of duty
  • allows a high level of teamwork
  • fosters polite, tactful behavior

Drawbacks of the S culture

  • fails to challenge ideas
  • lacks a competitive edge
  • avoids tough decisions to spare feelings
  • inhibits change and stifles innovation
  • avoids giving even constructive criticism
  • struggles with indecisiveness
  • discourages strong individual accomplishments
  • allows resentment to brew beneath the surface

Being a CD style myself, I tend to disregard the value of a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, but I’ve been grateful for leaders who worked to provide one. And I have to remember to show more concern for feelings. But I go a little bit crazy when the group needs to challenge the way things have always been done or it doesn’t allow for critical review of our work.

Your thoughts?

How do you respond to the S culture? How can an S team be more decisive? How would you lead an S team?

Download the “Get along” team poster (PDF)

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