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DiSC® i-style group culture

The “Get recognition” team
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Just as individuals have unique styles, groups also tend to develop their own styles or cultures. This culture is an informal combination of behaviors, values, and attitudes that most people in the group take for granted.

When a team displays a DiSC® i-style culture it tends to be energetic and optimistic and values time spent socializing.

The "Get recognition team" (DiSC i-style group)

The i culture rewards

  • creativity
  • enthusiasm
  • optimism
  • collaboration
  • passion

The i culture criticizes

  • rulemaking
  • caution
  • overanalysis
  • introversion
  • insensitivity

Advantages of the i culture

  • fosters creativity through high energy
  • provides a fun and optimistic atmosphere
  • encourages collective brainstorming
  • promotes frequent informal communication
  • excels at promoting ideas
  • cultivates self-starters
  • provides spontaneous recognition of good work
  • offers a warm and caring environment

Drawbacks of the i culture

  • changes direction frequently
  • avoids tending to repetitive or routine tasks
  • glosses over potential risks
  • holds too many meetings
  • spends too much time socializing
  • lacks clear guidelines
  • exerts pressure to be extroverted and energized
  • exhibits spotty planning

Being a CD style myself, I can feel anxiety in meetings with an i-style team. I want to get to work, be clear about guidelines, and remain introverted. If my research and analysis skills are valued by group members and if I feel like the group is making progress, then my comfort and enjoyment of the group are increased.

Your thoughts?

How do you respond to the i culture? How can an i-style group avoid poor planning or disorganization? How can it prove itself to a D-style leader?

Download the “Get recognition” team poster (PDF)

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A group report is available for the Everything DiSC® WorkplaceAgile EQProductive ConflictManagement, and Sales profiles.

Sample Everything DiSC Group Culture Report (PDF)


Kristeen Bullwinkle

Steeped in Everything DiSC since 2010. Strongly inclined CD style. Leadership style and EQ mindset: resolute. Believes strongly in the serial comma.

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