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How well do you understand Everything DiSC®?

Take this quiz to reveal the answers.

DiSC profiles quiz
If experiencing tension with a C style, it's best to
A person with an S style is most often motivated by
When selling a product or an idea to a person with an i style, which of these might you need to do?
Can someone be better qualified for a job because of their profile?
People with a C style may be limited by
If you work for a D-style boss and want to get buy-in on your idea, which is the best approach?
The best way to recognize and reward an i style is to
S styles in meetings will
If you're in conflict with a D-style personality you'll do best to
Is it normal for your DiSC style to significantly change over time?

Kristeen Bullwinkle

Steeped in Everything DiSC since 2010. Strongly inclined CD style. Leadership style and EQ mindset: resolute. Believes strongly in the serial comma.

Certifications from Wiley:
Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

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