Everything DiSC® Activity: Telling Your DiSC Story

Everything DiSC® Activity: Telling Your DiSC Story

Here’s a great activity to build into your Everything DiSC® training sessions to help people share more in-depth details about their DiSC® style. This activity is designed to be used after participants have been introduced to their primary DiSC styles. It’s a great way to keep DiSC alive in your organization!


Handout: Blank sheet of paper with Everything DiSC® Map in the corner. (Completed example below.)

DiSC: Telling Your Story


SAY: Pure styles are just the beginning of DiSC®.  As we have mentioned throughout our session, everyone is made up of all four DiSC styles.  One way we see this is through primary and secondary styles.  This activity is designed to dig a little deeper into DiSC, and to help you tell your DiSC story.

SAY:  Write your name at the top left hand corner of the handout.  Next to your name, list your primary and secondary style(s), and make each style into a separate column.  Place your dot on the DiSC circle. To help others learn more about you, list real things that others will see you do that reflect your primary and your secondary style. (5-10 minutes)

  • Based on your blended style, what differences do you see between your responses from this activity in comparison to the Day in the Life (primary style) activity?
  • What are the benefits of understanding DiSC® and learning directly from people how they tend to behave in the workplace?
  • How can you use this knowledge to benefit your workplace relationships and your organization?

DiSC S-style (Get-Along)

ASK:  Please tape your handout next to the poster that represents your primary style.  (Completed example above.) Take a few minutes now to walk around the room and read all of the handouts to learn more about your coworkers. (10 minutes)

ASK:  What did you discover through this activity and your table group discussions?

SAY:  I’ll leave these handouts up so you get the opportunity to read everyone’s handout and keep learning about your coworkers.

Online adaption
This activity could be adapted for a virtual training. The exercise could be completed as a handout sent out before a session and then reviewed and discussed in small breakout rooms. Instead of posting completed handouts around a room, they could be completed and shared in an online location everyone has access to, such as a Slack channel or the “share” location on your learning platform.

Editor’s note

This activity was originally posted Clare McInerney on the Everything DiSC Blog, Nov. 22, 2011. Retrieved from the Internet Archive: Everything DiSC Activity: Telling Your DiSC Story


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