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10 reasons DiSC® is the perfect gift

Invest in self-knowledge.
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The Everything DiSC map emerging from a gift envelope

An Everything DiSC® personality assessment is quick to purchase and will have long-term benefits for the recipient. Here are some reasons DiSC® makes such a great gift.

#1: You can give it to almost anyone in your life.

It’s hard to think of someone who wouldn’t benefit from a DiSC profile. Consider gifting one to:

#2: It’s perfect for last-minute gifting needs.

In just a few minutes, you could have your whole gift list sorted. When you purchase a DiSC profile assessment on, you’ll get an email right away with the link and access code. You can then forward the email to the recipient or write your own email to them and include the link and access code. You can even text them this gift. If you have a bit more time, it’s fun to make or purchase a nice card and write the access info inside. The assessment will take your recipient about 15–20 minutes to complete, and the results are immediately available to them once they answer the questions.

#3: It won’t clutter up the house.

A lot of people are downsizing and/or aiming to be more thoughtful about their consumption of goods and the amount of “stuff” they bring into their house. A DiSC profile will not add another item to collect dust.

#4: Recipients don’t need prior knowledge of DiSC.

Everything DiSC profiles include an overview of the DiSC model, and all the information in the report is presented in an easy-to-follow narrative. If your recipient has never heard of DiSC before, that’s no problem! We’ll provide everything they need.

#5: It’s the gift that personalizes itself.

It can be hard to find personalized gifts, but a personality assessment is, by definition, an incredibly personal present. The questionnaire uses adaptive testing to adjust the assessment experience to each individual, and nearly every page of the 20+ page profile is tailored to the respondent, based on their style and how they answered the questions.

#6: It focuses on strengths and makes everyone feel valuable.

Of course, you want any gifts you give to make the recipient feel good. DiSC is nonjudgmental, using positive language to show the value of each style. No style is preferred or better than others, and everyone is a mix of all styles.

#7: Families, work teams, or groups of friends can easily compare their styles.

Many people who encounter DiSC professionally end up using it at home, too. The DiSC model provides a common language to ground conversations, reduce conflict, and improve relationships. In addition to the guidance the report itself provides about working with other styles, people can quickly set up an account on MyEverythingDiSC™ to get customized tips on working with specific people in their family or network.

#8: It is gender-neutral.

Holiday gifts can be quite gendered, making it difficult to find a gift that is both personal and gender-neutral. A DiSC assessment is perfect for people of all genders, making it a smart addition to your office’s Secret Santa or Yankee Swap event.

#9: It is well established and backed by research.

Over one million people use DiSC each year. Everything DiSC profiles are backed by rigorous research and have proven reliability and validity. has been a DiSC provider for more than 20 years and works with 15,000+ organizations. We’re also human beings who are just a phone call or email away and are here to answer any questions you or the recipient of your gift might have.

#10: DiSC provides long-term benefits.

A box of chocolates may last a few days, but the insights from a DiSC profile can have a lifelong positive impact. DiSC is designed to be a tool you can return to again and again to refocus your personal development journey. One of the main lessons of DiSC is how to gain comfort stretching to different styles depending on the situation. This kind of resiliency and emotional intelligence is the gift that keeps on giving.

Which DiSC to give?

If your recipient has not done an Everything DiSC assessment before, we recommend purchasing the Workplace profile for them. It is our most popular profile. Despite its title, it provides a variety of insights that the recipient can use both at and outside of work. This assessment will tell them their DiSC style, priorities, and strengths, all in a narrative that is easily understood without an assessment professional.

Another profile that is a wonderful tool for personal growth both inside and outside a professional setting is Everything DiSC Agile EQ. This profile focuses on emotional intelligence, teaching the respondent about the patterns they’re most likely to gravitate toward in social and emotional situations.

We’ve had clients purchase Everything DiSC® Management assessments as holiday gifts for their mentees—a great option for managers and future managers. Likewise, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® gives personalized action plans for becoming a more effective leader. If you know someone who does any flavor of sales work, Everything DiSC® Sales will be a welcome surprise.

What to expect when you purchase a profile

When you purchase a profile, you’ll get an email right away with an access code and a link to take the assessment. If you’re giving the assessment as a gift, don’t use this link yourself, but rather forward the link and code to the gift recipient. Or you can include the information in a separate email you compose or in a handwritten card.

You will not be able to see the results of their assessment. If you’d like, though, you can ask them if they mind sharing their PDF results, or the two of you can connect on MyEverythingDiSC to compare your styles.

As always, we’re happy to chat with you and help you find the right product for your needs. Just reach out at [email protected], +1 (877) 344-8612 (U.S.), or +1 (855) 344-3472 (Canada).


Avery Harris-Gray

SC style, NY based. Writing about Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors since 2020. Leadership style: humble. EQ mindset: composed. I always have snacks to share.

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