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D styles: 10 networking tips

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You may not think you have time for networking, but growing your professional network can help you achieve your career goals more efficiently. Both seasoned professionals and people new to the workforce have much to gain from networking. Here are some networking tips for DiSC D-style people—strategies to help you engage with the art of networking in a way that feels authentic and useful to you.

These tips are based on your Everything DiSC style, but you should also consider the personality of the person or people you’re networking with. You can remain true to your own personality while stretching or flexing toward another’s style. This is a great way to connect with others.

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Networking tips for DiSC D-style people

If you have a D style in Everything DiSC, you are likely driven, direct, and self-assured. You probably have little patience for small talk and become restless when doing lots of listening. You can improve your networking skills by leaning into your strengths, such as confidence and persistence, and developing traits that take more energy for you, such as staying receptive to others’ ideas and methods.

Networking tips for DiSC D-style people:

  1. Leverage your confidence.

    Use your self-assured mindset to initiate conversations and take the lead when appropriate. Approach new contacts with confidence.

  2. Be direct, but soften when needed.

    You probably prefer to get right to the point in most of your interactions. People likely appreciate that you don’t waste their time. Use this to your advantage by clearly stating your intentions and what you’re looking to achieve. Remember, though, that not all personality styles are such direct communicators, so you may need to soften your approach a bit in some situations.

  3. Take the lead.

    If the networking opportunity you’re looking for doesn’t exist, start it yourself! Your bias toward action and results means you can kick off initiatives that might be intimidating to more risk-averse folks. Your dynamic personality will attract others.

  4. Keep an eye on your competitiveness.

    D-style people love to win, and this competitive drive often leads them to accomplish great things. Don’t dampen your ambition, but do remember that not every interaction is something to “win.” Networking is sometimes more about long-term relationship-building than quick wins. Be patient and enjoy getting to know other people. In addition, beware the scarcity mindset; another’s gain is not necessarily your loss. (Power is not pizza.)

  5. Make things happen for others.

    Networking is not just about connecting with people who can do things for you. It’s also about giving others a boost when you are in a position to do so. D-type people are great problem-solvers. Use your goal-oriented mindset to help others solve problems, bust through obstacles, or see their options in a new way.

  6. Practice asking for help and advice.

    You like to do things your own way (which is, of course, the right way). It may not come naturally to you to seek other’s opinions and advice. However, people generally like being asked for their advice. They also feel good being able to help someone out. You can cultivate these warm feelings in others by asking for input and showing gratitude for the wisdom shared with you. Start small, with lower-stakes situations in which following another’s advice won’t cost you much emotional turmoil. This can even be something like a recommended sandwich order at the deli, or what book you should read next. In other words, don’t ask for advice you plan to ignore, which can make someone feel hurt or like their time was wasted.

  7. Engage in active listening.

    While D styles are often great at leading conversations, make sure to practice active listening. Show genuine interest in others’ needs and goals, which will help you build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

  8. Be selective.

    As a D-style person, you likely prefer quality over quantity. There are myriad networking opportunities out there—choose the ones you will most enjoy. Focus on building a few strong, mutually beneficial relationships rather than trying to connect with everyone.

  9. Follow up.

    After meeting new contacts, follow up promptly with a clear and action-oriented message. Remind them of your conversation and suggest specific next steps to keep the momentum going.

  10. Keep an open mind.

    Your confidence is typically an asset, but no single person has all the answers. There are many reasons to cultivate a receptive mindset; for one, people are more likely to trust you when they know they’ve been heard. Read more: How to be more receptive.

Our D-style staff member says:

I do compare myself to other people. I want to be as good at networking as this person, I want to be as funny as that person. And sometimes, I need to make myself stay to network, if my first impression of the event is to hit the exit right away.

My advice to other D-style people: Don’t focus only on talking to people who can do something for you. Some people with D styles tend to lose interest in a person when they don’t see how getting to know the person can benefit them.

Networking tips for DiSC D-style people: Be your confident self, but stay receptive

Using DiSC for personalized networking tips

Like all interpersonal endeavors, networking benefits from self-awareness. When you understand your underlying preferences and personality traits, you can grow your emotional intelligence and be a better communicator. Tools like Everything DiSC give you the additional knowledge of other personality types and how to improve your interactions with all sorts of people.

Everything DiSC Workplace is a great first assessment if you’re looking to get started with DiSC. To dig deeper into your skills around persuasion and presenting yourself favorably to different people, check out Everything DiSC Sales. And to learn how to read and respond to various situations with emotional intelligence, look to Everything DiSC Agile EQ.

To make networking authentic and enjoyable, embrace the qualities that make you you. DiSC D-style people have many natural strengths that will serve them well in networking and achieving their career goals.


Avery Harris-Gray

SC style, NY based. Writing about Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors since 2020. Leadership style: humble. EQ mindset: composed. I always have snacks to share.

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