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How to read DiSC® profile results

Interpreting your Everything DiSC assessment results requires no special training.
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Reading and interpreting your results is so easy with Everything DiSC®. You don’t need to be a psychometrician or go through any special training. Your assessment is tabulated electronically and results are delivered in an easy-to-read and memorable narrative.

Steps for interpreting your DiSC results:

  1. Take the Everything DiSC assessment online.
  2. Get your profile instantly. Or, if you’re working with a facilitator who likes to hold results until the training, wait until your first DiSC session.
  3. Read the results, learning about the Everything DiSC model and your own style.
  4. Continue reading to learn about other DiSC styles and for tips on how to apply what you’ve learned.

The people at Wiley who publish Everything DiSC profiles took great care with them, beyond validating the results. Profile reports are written in nonjudgmental language and at a fifth-grade reading level. Both the assessment and the report went through several stages of testing and refinement before being released. You can feel confident in the results.

Learn about yourself

You will learn the basics of the DiSC model, your DiSC style, and what your style says about you

Whichever Everything DiSC assessment you take (Workplace, Agile EQ, Work of Leaders, etc.), the profile will introduce you to the DiSC model and explain your style.

Here’s an example where the recipient of a DiSC profile has highlighted items important to them:

Text highlighted on someone's Everything DiSC profile

We recommend going through your profile in the same way. Highlight those statements that are spot-on. Put a question mark next to those you want to ask for more feedback on or have questions about. Circle statements you want to share with others to help them understand you better.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are my strengths?
  • How does my style influence how I interact with my loved ones and my colleagues?
  • What would I like others to know about me when we first meet?
  • How does my style affect how I go about my daily activities?
  • What would be helpful for my manager to know about my style?

Learn about others, too

It’s really not enough just to know a bit more about ourselves. We work and live with others who have different personalities, so Everything DiSC reports provide information about how to interact with these other styles. These recommendations are personalized for each recipient.

"The C Style & You" from Everything DiSC Workplace
Sample page from the Everything DiSC Workplace profile.

How to use your DiSC profile

Individuals and organizations use Everything DiSC in several ways. One person might find it helpful when writing a resume or preparing for an interview, another for working with his manager or for increasing her leadership effectiveness. In our office, we use it to onboard new employees and to work more effectively together, and we’ve all used it to better understand our loved ones as well.

"Taking Action" from Everything DiSC Workplace profile

Kristeen Bullwinkle

Steeped in Everything DiSC since 2010. Strongly inclined CD style. Leadership style and EQ mindset: resolute. Believes strongly in the serial comma.

Certifications from Wiley:
Everything DiSC, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

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