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  • DiSC and the MBTI

    A perennial discussion exists among consultants and others about which profile is the best. That’s not really the best question to ask. A better one is: Which assessment better fits your needs? Need to get people to work more effectively together? Everything DiSC Workplace gives your team, group or organization a common language to help them build more effective working […]
  • Communication tips: DiSC profiles and good readings

    Suggested DiSC and related resources: Everything DiSC Workplace Everything DiSC Management DiSC Classic 2.0 Plus Personal Listening Profile Articles 20 Easy Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace, Justworks, March 2018 “The more an employee trusts you, the more likely they are to come forward and communicate when a problem is occurring.” Evolution of Workplace Communication, Bambu, January 2018 “Don’t […]
  • Selected resources, articles, sites, and books

    New to DiSC? Learn more about DiSC tests at Not sure which DiSC profile to use? Yes, there are several versions to choose from based on how you’ll use the test. Two examples are Everything DiSC Workplace and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders. Seasoned veteran? Have you looked at the latest Everything DiSC profile, Everything DiSC Productive Conflict? If […]
  • Communication is key for business

    If you’re in sales or marketing you probably read the title of this post in the context of learning from conversations with prospective customers. If you’re in customer service you probably read it in the context of conversations with current customers. If you’re in human resources you probably read it in context of internal communications. If you’re in PR you […]