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  • 8 ways to welcome conflict on your team

    Conflict is not always the sign of a dysfunctional team, Patrick Lencioni reminds us in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Artificial harmony is more dangerous. So how can you encourage your team to welcome conflict and not shy away from it? Identify shared objectives Make it a goal-driven debate rather than a personality conflict. Often conflict arises and remains […]
  • 8 actions to promote trust on your team

    We know that teams function best when there’s a high level of trust among the members. We also know that trust must be actively built and earned. What should team leaders and team members watch for and work on in order to increase trust within their teams? The leader of the team needs to demonstrate vulnerability first, to model it […]
  • Reflections on a cohesive team: a cautionary tale

    Once upon a time, I worked on a team that was productive, where the team felt energized by our work, where we were even envied by our peers. This a story of how that team came together as a productive, cohesive team and then was torn apart. First there was a very small group that reported to the same manager […]
  • Facilitation Tips

    Facilitation involves a set of skills that don’t always come naturally to us. The facilitator needs to dance in and out of the group’s focus, directing when need be and allowing discussion or silence when the group is engaged with each other or with a problem productively. There are a lot of great resources to help you brush up on […]
  • Your team’s culture

    Have you ever been frustrated by having to work with a certain team? They seem to drag their heels, or they’re just so loud, or they just keep asking for more data? It’s common for some teams to work very differently, but still effectively, with each other and understanding a team’s style can help with that. Every team does things […]
  • Tips for introducing DiSC® to your organization

    Selling your boss on DiSC® Of course you’ll want to use what you know about your boss’ DiSC style to sell him on the value of DiSC, but you’ll also need a story and a proposal. No matter what one’s style, we all respond to a good story. We’re wired to listen to stories. And business runs on numbers. So […]
  • Using Everything DiSC Profiles for Onboarding

    I was able to talk with Laurie Friis, the learning and development facilitator for Horizon Bank recently about her experience with Everything DiSC. Our interview was delayed a few minutes because she needed to send a DiSC profile result to a leader about to meet with a colleague at another institution Horizon is about to acquire. Laurie has made people […]
  • Questions for meetings between or after facilitated sessions

    Once you offer an engaging session you want to keep that momentum going, but how? The team can answer and discuss these questions during their regularly scheduled meetings. You as the facilitator don’t even have to be there. These can be asked by a manager or any team member. They can be answered quickly; another meeting can be called to […]
  • Which DiSC profile is best?

    I’ve taken a lot of DISC profiles and all the Everything DiSC profiles. I’ve learned something from all of them, even if it was only that the free ones frequently get my style wrong. There are several profiles available and its common for people to need a little help deciding which one might be best. If you want to talk […]
  • What’s next after Everything DiSC Workplace®?

    You’ve introduced Everything DiSC Workplace® to your team or organization and want to continue or reinforce what everyone learned. But after discussing DiSC styles, going through A Day in the Life and activities in the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit, what can you do for a follow-up? Plenty. MyEverythingDiSC.com Be sure to let your participants know about MyEverythingDiSC.com and remind […]
  • Use The 8 Dimensions of Leadership with 363 for Leaders

    Why use this book? We have several colleges that use the book The 8 Dimensions of Leadership in their courses and ask participants to get the brief 8 Dimensions Leadership Map assessment before they read the book. We also recommend providing your leaders who go through the Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders with a copy of the book. It can […]
  • Real experience with Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

    Curious about how a consultant using The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ uses it in the real world? So were we. We interviewed Virginia Banga, an Authorized Everything DiSC Partner and lead consultant at Spurgo about her experience using this assessment and program for teams. Working with Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team I asked Virginia for an example of […]
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