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  • My experience with Everything DiSC Certification

    For two days I was immersed with all things DiSC. Other participants ranged from new to seasoned trainers and from people familiar with all the Everything DiSC products to at least one who had just taken her first DiSC assessment. Attendees who were new to DiSC asked questions that commonly come up during trainings and we all got to hear how our trainers answered them. From what I heard, everyone found something useful to take home from the classes and so did I.
  • Hang out with online

    Please join us at one of these sites. Facebook on Facebook Pinterest on Pinterest Twitter   DiSC activities for teams — (@OnlineDiSC) August 23, 2018 on Twitter LinkedIn on LinkedIn Instagram on Instagram Facebook Closed Group DiSC Practitioners and Fans You’ll need to request to join, but it’s not hard. Have you […]
  • Humble leaders (and Everything DiSC)

    Humble leaders tend to be a bit on the cautious side, self-controlled, and soft-spoken. They are fair-minded, practical and often able to discern what systems and structures would meet other people's needs. If you're a humble leader you might be motivated by a desire to be reliable and to avoid trouble. These two traits might make you prone to inaction since you don't want to make mistakes that will affect others. You have a low level of self-serving ambition and the ability to keep things in perspective.
  • DiSC Comparison Report for off-site employees

    I do not work at our office, so our team decided to review our Everything DiSC Comparison Reports before we start an important group project later this summer. We know each other's styles, but we wanted to make sure we communicate well and—since we're all results focused—get good results. It was a productive discussion and I thought I'd share it with our readers. We all enjoyed the exercise and have an idea of where we might have communication or other difficulties. This is especially important since I'm not in the office and can feel out of the loop. And email exchanges can easily be misinterpreted. Our discussion helped us make some plans and take some actions to reduce the likelihood of our project being delayed or less effective than it could be.
  • 7 common management issues

    You've probably had a bad manager or been a new manager. So you know that there are big mistakes that can be made. Let's look at seven common issues. The first involve team-building or "teaming." Employees need to know what the stakes are, what the game is and how it's played. This is often difficult for a new mid-level manager who has never quite understood herself. As a new manager or with a new manager reporting to you, remember that your company can support managers by having a clear vision and communicating it well and often. The CEO should be able to tell a great story about how the company came to be, what it stands for, where it wants to go, and what it honestly values. HR should help new employees understand why this company exists and what it strives for. Does everyone in your organization understand the company business goals, it's unique selling position, brand promise(s), operating environment, and marketplace realities?
  • Work of Leaders supplemental readings

    Before assigning the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders you might want to try this assignment. Have participants read through this collection of leadership quotes. Ask them to pick one or two that reflect their own leadership strengths. After they’ve reviewed their profiles, ask participants to choose another quote that reflects what they want to work on in the next year. […]
  • Using DiSC in health care or medical settings

    Dental offices are frequent buyers of DiSC profiles, at least by our sales numbers. They use DiSC to create a better working environment. Often everyone in the office will discover their profile and new employees will be asked to take the assessment. It makes it easier for the new employee to learn the relationship ropes and be able to focus […]
  • Team building–even at happy hour

    When we talk about team-building we tend to think about formal teams or work groups. I’d like to suggest that what you can learn about teams works just as well at happy hours and with other informal, but work-related, groups. The traits we display positively or negatively in a work group are often also evident in a social gathering. And […]
  • Using Everything DiSC Management, an example

    We love hearing from DiSC users about their experiences with the profile. While doesn’t deliver assessments directly, our clients do. Here is an example compiled from some of their experiences. This is a representative case study and not an exact representation of what occurred. Everything DiSC Management and Comparison Reports Client/internal problem: The leadership team was experiencing conflict with […]
  • Understanding DiSC profiles

    Have you just been asked to take the DiSC profile test? Or to administer the DiSC profile? We can answer a few common questions about this popular personality assessment here. Why is DiSC used? Many businesses and organizations use DiSC profiles as a tool in creating a positive working environment. For example, a dental office used it to highlight ways […]
  • Using DiSC in performance reviews

    Struggling with conducting a performance review? Not sure how to say what you need to? Review your DiSC® profiles Knowing your own style as the reviewer will help you to prepare. If you’re a D, you might want to reflect on how to avoid sounding confrontational or abrupt. If you’re an i, you might want to try to be more […]
  • DiSC training activities

    Updated: Sept. 2017 There are several extras you can use in your DiSC trainings, such as People Reading Pens, QuikDiSC Card Deck and the Everything DiSC floor graphic. Some facilitators uses the QuikDiSC Card Deck in these ways: Business simulation: Each person takes three to four cards that are least like them. These represent the roles that they will play in […]