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  • Team building–even at happy hour

    When we talk about team-building we tend to think about formal teams or work groups. I’d like to suggest that what you can learn about teams works just as well at happy hours and with other informal, but work-related, groups. The traits we display positively or negatively in a work group are often also evident in a social gathering. And […]
  • Understanding DiSC profiles

    Have you just been asked to take the DiSC profile test? Or to administer the DiSC profile? We can answer a few common questions about this popular personality assessment here. Why is DiSC used? Many businesses and organizations use DiSC profiles as a tool in creating a positive working environment. For example, a dental office used it to highlight ways […]
  • Reinforce your staff’s training with DiSC

    How can managers and other leaders reinforce what people learned in their DiSC training? Being influential people, managers can easily derail a training or reinforce it. Let’s look at a few ways to add value to the training you invested time and money on. Ask your employees or clients what they learned. Even if you were there, you probably weren’t […]
  • Everything DiSC Comparison Reports explained: How do you compare to me?

    What is a Comparison Report? The Everything DiSC Comparison Report is an additional 11-page free report you can run for pairs of people who have already taken an Everything DiSC profile: Workplace, Sales, Management or Work of Leaders. Each of the paired people receives his or her own report comparing one to the other person. The report reminds them of […]
  • Using DiSC in performance reviews

    Struggling with conducting a performance review? Not sure how to say what you need to? Review your DiSC® profiles Knowing your own style as the reviewer will help you to prepare. If you’re a D, you might want to reflect on how to avoid sounding confrontational or abrupt. If you’re an i, you might want to try to be more […]
  • More DiSC training ideas

    DiSC activities Strength, liability or both? Ask participants to choose a quality from their profile that they strongly identified with. Then have them share with a partner or small group how that quality has been a strength, liability or both in their career. How do they try to capitalize on it when it can be a strength and how do […]
  • DiSC training activities

    Updated: Sept. 2017 There are several extras you can use in your DiSC trainings, such as People Reading Pens, QuikDiSC Card Deck and the Everything DiSC floor graphic. Some facilitators uses the QuikDiSC Card Deck in these ways: Business simulation: Each person takes three to four cards that are least like them. These represent the roles that they will play in […]
  • Common questions about DiSC profiles

    Can your DiSC profile change over time? In general, the average person’s profile tends to stay fairly consistent over time. While small differences in results from one time to the next may occur, major shifts in style are unlikely. How often should you take a DiSC assessment? If it has been two years or more since someone last took the […]
  • Handouts for extending DiSC training

    How can you extend the value of the DiSC training you’ve offered a group? Issues probably came up that needed to be placed in the “parking lot” or that you took note of. One easy follow-up action emailing or handing out articles related to communications, conflict, leadership, sales, etc. Get the group back to discuss them or ask for comments […]
  • Sales: DiSC profiles and related readings

    Suggested DiSC profile Everything DiSC Sales Everything DiSC® Sales Customer Interaction Guides Articles How to Make Sales Training Actually Stick, Hubspot, January 2018 “There’s clearly a gap between perceived and actual ROI when it comes to sales training, with good money being spent on ineffective practices. ” 7 Reasons Salespeople Don’t Close the Deal, Harvard Business Review, November 2017 “7. They […]
  • DiSC styles for groups

    Groups have their own cultures and sometimes that makes a big difference in how they perform as a group and how they interact with other groups. If you have two units or departments that frequently interact, sharing the groups’ DiSC cultures with both can help them communicate and function better. I’ve worked with a communications team that served many other […]
  • Bringing on a new manager?

    Bringing on a new manager is an important part to a company’s health and success.  The first few weeks and months of the manager’s new position are a key to establishing a foundation for positive relationships.  Employee onboarding goes well beyond orientation.  Onboarding, the process of assimilating a new employee to the company’s culture, requires frequent and ongoing communication. A […]