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  • Set ground rules for better team performance

    Updated July 2021 We often join a team and assume that all the members agree with our assumptions about what’s acceptable and what’s not. But they probably don’t. I’ve been on long-standing committees where certain behavior was accepted even though most members grumbled about it. This resulted in a low level of commitment to the committee and its goals. Taking […]
  • Opening questions for team meetings

    Updated November 2020 Not everyone loves meetings. They can be made more engaging by preparing an opening question. It can be an ice breaker for newly formed groups or something to warm up the individuals in the group. It can help the quieter members of a group get more used to speaking up. Good questions are a way of bringing […]
  • Mission and vision statements that work: part two

    In part one of Mission and Vision Statements That Work we offered some tips for crafting a statement that is brief, specific and vibrant. Mission and vision statements that work: part two A colleague told me this story: She once worked for a director who was extremely proud of the vision statement he had written for the company. He had […]
  • Leadership assessments in leadership development programs

    If leaders are made, not born, then what role do assessments play in leadership development? If they can’t identify who will be successful in a leadership role, then what use are they? You know that leaders appear, and are needed, at every level of your organization. Leadership development programs contribute to talent attraction and retention and they also make an […]
  • Energizing leaders: DiSC i style leadership

    Energizing leaders pump up the energy around them. They tend to be spontaneous, outgoing and encouraging. Ideas flow from their lips. They try to create innovative environments around them. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson The energizing dimension of leadership As one of eight dimensions of leadership, this one tends to be the most collaborative […]
  • Affirming leaders: DiSC iS or Si style leadership

    Affirming leaders are friendly, approachable and nice to be around. They’re upbeat, easygoing and positive. They work to create workplaces that are harmonious and caring, where everyone is respected. The affirming dimension of leadership As one of eight dimensions of leadership, this one tends to be the most laid back, patient and supportive of their staff and colleagues. They often promote […]
  • Inclusive leaders: DiSC S style leadership

    Inclusive leadership seems to be a popular topic in the last few years, recognizing that the commanding style isn’t always the most effective. What do we mean by inclusive leadership? Strongly inclusive leaders show optimism, promote collaboration and are dependable. They may follow routines with which they are comfortable, enjoying a stable environment rather than rapid changes. Since they try […]
  • Commanding leaders: DiSC D style leadership

    Commanding leaders are what people often picture when they think of a traditional leader. They have a natural take-charge attitude and are motivated to achieve. On the DiSC scale they are the D style. The commanding dimension of leadership Leaders are inclined to prefer using one of eight dimensions of leadership over others. Leaders who primarily use the commanding dimension tend to be competitive, […]
  • Resolute leaders: DiSC CD or DC style leadership

    Even though great leaders know they much use each of the eight dimensions of leadership, they tend to prefer one or find one easier to exhibit.  Leaders who primarily use the Resolute Dimension tend to be challenging, determined and rational. The resolute dimension of leadership Resolute leaders are often seen as having a fighting spirit in that they will push for […]
  • Five Behaviors/Five Dysfunctions Journal

    If you’ve been lucky enough to already go through a Five Behaviors Team Development training, you know that the topics discussed touched on many more issues than you could address in the time frame allowed. If you’ve facilitated the Five Behaviors program you probably had to let some very interesting comments pass without asking for further reflection. Using this journal […]
  • Trust on a team begins with the leader

    Is the leader the reason why there’s low trust on the team? The leader of a team and of the entire organization sets the tone for the group’s culture and level of trust. If you’ve given the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment to a team that scored low in trust it might be a good time to look […]
  • Holding team members accountable

    Just how do we hold each other accountable? What does it look like? Can it be less hard? If your team struggles with this, you are not alone; many teams find this difficult. If you’re familiar with DiSC you might expect people with strong S preferences to have a hard time with confronting others, but almost all of us—no matter […]
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