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  • Games and Activities with QuikDiSC Card Deck

    Updated December 12, 2017 The QuikDiSC card deck contains four color-coded groups of 32 cards each. Each group has four sets of eight words that describe D, i, S, or C behavioral dimensions. Instructions for playing the game and suggestions for debriefing are included. Also included are six applications for specific training situations. The QuikDiSC cards are very flexible and […]
  • Activities for new teams

    Teams are where much of the work we do gets initiated, reviewed and even completed. It’s more important than ever to get newly formed teams comfortable with each other and communicating well. How can we make it easier for teams to get started right or continue with new members most effectively? Group reports Some organizations we work with make sure […]
  • Self-awareness and DiSC

    I wanted to say a few things about Harvard Business Review’s recent article, “Research: We’re Not Very Self-Aware, Especially at Work.” I was struck by this sentence: “It’s no secret that many of the most popular developmental assessments used for gaining self-knowledge, such as the MBTI, DiSC, The Birkman Method, and The Core Values Index, woefully lack evidence linking their […]
  • Everything DiSC reports for facilitators

    Not sure if you should purchase a Facilitator Report or Group Report? Not sure how you'd use it? Let's see if we can help you out. The reports discussed below can be used with Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, or Sales.
  • Inclusive leaders (and Everything DiSC)

    Inclusive leaders tend to create collaborative and understanding environments. You're likely to see them as soft-spoken, patient, good listeners, aware of the needs and talents of those they work with. However, you might think they are afraid of change or underestimate their critical thinking skills. If you're an inclusive leader you might notice that you have a desire to surround yourself with the familiar, to internalize problems, and to have a strong need for harmony. You probably didn't become a leader to gain status.
  • Activities for Work of Leaders trainings

    We know that Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is being added to several leadership development programs that already exist. But one of the great things about Everything DiSC products is that they don't have to be used only by professional trainers. In addition to the Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit with its videos, slides, handouts and leader's guide, here are a few ideas for additional training activities and readings that follow The Work of Leaders book. What would your followers say? This is adapted from Phillip Van Hooser's book, Leaders Ought to Know.
  • Affirming leaders (and Everything DiSC)

    As would be expected from the DiSC leadership label for this type, they tend to be positive, supportive, and approachable. You're likely to see them as easy-going and cheerful, warm and sincere, and easy to talk to. You might also notice their distaste for conflict and complex analysis.
  • Energizing leaders (and Everything DiSC)

    Continuing our examination of the 8 dimensions of leadership, we are now at the energizing leader. We hope this listing of additional readings can extend your training and conversations through assignments, book groups, or lunch discussions about leadership. What is an energizing leader? In terms of the Everything DiSC model, the energizing dimension is located on the northeast side of […]
  • Using DiSC for hiring

    I’m a C. Would that make me a better candidate for an accounting job than an S? It’s obviously not enough information to make that kind of decision. And I can tell you I’d be a mediocre accountant—at best. Even though I love charts and being right, I have no interest in that field and no proficiency at it. It’s […]
  • Everything DiSC, Inscape Publishing and Wiley

    Every so often we run across online discussions about DISC and it’s easy to tell that the referenced assessment is not the one published by Wiley. (We have written before about the various flavors of DISC.) Many more publishers of personality tests can be easily found online. Does the publisher really matter? What makes DiSC® special? Why is the assessment […]
  • Work of Leaders supplemental readings

    Before assigning the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders you might want to try this assignment. Have participants read through this collection of leadership quotes. Ask them to pick one or two that reflect their own leadership strengths. After they’ve reviewed their profiles, ask participants to choose another quote that reflects what they want to work on in the next year. […]
  • Using DiSC in health care or medical settings

    Dental offices are frequent buyers of DiSC profiles, at least by our sales numbers. They use DiSC to create a better working environment. Often everyone in the office will discover their profile and new employees will be asked to take the assessment. It makes it easier for the new employee to learn the relationship ropes and be able to focus […]