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  • The invisible root of workplace dysfunction

    You may know the famous beginning to Anna Karenina: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Perhaps this is true of workplaces as well. If you’ve spent any amount of time working with other humans, you’ve likely witnessed an almost infinite array of behaviors that sap resources and contribute to dysfunction. All of […]
  • The 5 behaviors of a cohesive virtual team

    The five behaviors of a cohesive team—trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results—remain the same. But in the virtual environment and during times of crisis, they can show up in different ways. That means leaders must show up in different ways, too. If you use The Five Behaviors® to manage your team, you might be wondering how to apply the model […]
  • Tips for moving your DiSC® trainings online

    We’ve heard from many of you that your employers are asking you to conduct trainings online during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re used to in-person trainings, this can be overwhelming. First, know that you’re not alone in this. So many teachers and artists and workers of all kinds are in the same struggle as they move to remote delivery with […]
  • What your DiSC style might tell you about working from home

    We’re all realizing these days that we have an increased need for clear communication. Maintaining relationships through social distancing is a major challenge. Many workers are being asked to work remotely—and wondering how to make it work for them. The DiSC concept of “stretch,” of flexing into behaviors and mindsets not typically associated with our personality types is important right […]
  • Conflict: Is it missing from management training?

    Is conflict a topic covered in your management training? It should be. Conflict occurs in every workplace. Even the best teams can find themselves moving from collaboration to conflict. Managers will be faced with conflicts on their teams. And possibly conflict between their team and another team. What can we do to prepare managers for dealing with conflict? Conflict is […]
  • Trust: Resources to share with your team

    Trust: Assessments and related readings Suggested assessments The Five Behaviors Team Development The Five Behaviors Personal Development Profile Books The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni The Decision to Trust: How Leaders Create High-Trust Organizations, by Robert F. Hurley Top of Mind, by John Hall Articles on this blog Building trust on virtual or remote teams Trust on […]
  • 8 common management issues

    You’ve probably had a bad manager or been a new manager. So you know that there are big mistakes that can be made. Let’s look at eight common issues. The first involve team-building or “teaming.” Employees need to know what the stakes are, what the game is and how it’s played. This is often difficult for a new mid-level manager who […]
  • DiSC team building activities

    Teams will benefit from exploring the styles of the individuals on the team and the style of the team itself. You can find facilitation support in the Everything DiSC facilitation kits, but we’ve also created or modified a few of our own activities. Many of these activities are on our parent site, discprofile.com. Activities for newly formed teams or groups What […]
  • Use polling to assess team & leadership needs

    Is your team experiencing something like this? The leader presents a new strategy, goal or project. A few team members ask questions and perhaps there are a few whispered comments. The leader shows a lot of enthusiasm and once one person expresses support, the leader moves on to another agenda item or to the next step in the process. But […]
  • From Healthy Conflict to Innovation

    Healthy conflict and competition within a team can be a motivating force, or it can cause conflicts that tear groups apart. The competitive desire to succeed and win can drive some to cheat. We accept competition for recognition, for awards, for pay increases as normal business. We might even enjoy rivalries in sports or with our business competitors. “Some research […]
  • Intro to The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

    Everything DiSC + Five Dysfunctions of a Team = The Five Behaviors Team Development The skills of teamwork and how to create a collaborative, cohesive team culture can be learned and put into action. This assessment combines the self-knowledge you obtain through Everything DiSC with the transformative model that Patrick Lencioni introduced in his best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of […]
  • Results-oriented workplace culture

    Your team was formed to get results. It was not formed to increase the status of members or regularly get members out of their offices. It was not formed to claim and use resources. It does not exist to revisit the same agenda item over and over. So let’s look at some common problems and ways to become more oriented […]
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