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  • Achieving commitment on your team

    You can have a team of talented, creative, visionary work horses and still find it’s not performing. Within that group could reside an underminer, someone who is actively working against the group’s goals. It might be because the person is threatened by the possible success of the group, fears a loss of power or resources, doesn’t trust the leader, holds […]
  • When teams don’t trust

    If your organization has an overall culture of trust, you might expect even newly formed teams to give each other the benefit of the doubt and to trust each other by default. But trust doesn’t always come easily or without an effort. Trust can be very hard to learn for someone who has experienced the betrayal of trust. That could […]
  • Does our team need the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™?

    Can you say that your team is cohesive? In other words, does it make good decisions quickly? Does it call upon the opinions and experience of all members? Is your team part of your competitive advantage? Consider using The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team if your team members agree with several of the following statements. Does your team agree? […]
  • DiSC personalities under stress

    How we each struggle The first time we read our Everything DiSC profiles, we probably look for our strengths. We want to see the stuff we can be proud of and share with others. We want to build upon those positive qualities. We want others to understand how important our priorities are. We want to feel good about ourselves. But […]
  • Tips for introducing DiSC® to your organization

    Selling your boss on DiSC® Of course you’ll want to use what you know about your boss’ DiSC style to sell him on the value of DiSC, but you’ll also need a story and a proposal. No matter what one’s style, we all respond to a good story. We’re wired to listen to stories. And business runs on numbers. So […]
  • Misuses of DISC or DiSC

    DiSC is a great tool, but it can be misused even by those who are knowledgeable about it. Here are some tips to remember. Employment selection We often read articles on how to use DISC as a selection or hiring tool, and while many DISC assessments can give you data you might want to use, none are a predictive tool. […]
  • You, too, can deliver a DiSC program

    Often we get calls from people who are experienced trainers but have never used Everything DiSC®. They sometimes assume they’ll need certification as when they use other assessments, but it’s not required with Everything DiSC. We do offer facilitation kits that many trainers choose to buy, but not all do. Recently a caller choose to create her own program without […]
  • Certification insights from Everything DiSC® trainers

    Interview with two trainers from Wiley, the publisher of Everything DiSC.
  • What’s next after Everything DiSC Workplace®?

    You’ve introduced Everything DiSC Workplace® to your team or organization and want to continue or reinforce what everyone learned. But after discussing DiSC styles, going through A Day in the Life and activities in the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit, what can you do for a follow-up? Plenty. Be sure to let your participants know about and remind […]
  • Lencioni’s latest: The Ideal Team Player

    Lencioni has a new title to add to his business parables. The Ideal Team Player follows the personnel issues of a new CEO, Jack. He has managers in conflict and needs to hire many new employees. He strives to help struggling managers and avoid hiring on new problems. Jack struggles to discover the real virtues of a team player and […]
  • Can you cultivate gratitude in the workplace?

    Have you ever written a thank-you haiku for a colleague? Or organized a flash mob to surprise a co-worker who was just laid off? How about this, then: when was the last time you told a colleague how much you appreciated him or her?
  • Using DiSC to increase your employee engagement

    We’ve all been reading studies about the low engagement rates of employees. Gallup reports that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Is your organization part of the $450 billion to $550 billion Gallup estimates is lost each year in reduced productivity because of employee disengagement? Poor engagement results in lower productivity, higher turnover, and lower profitability. Can Everything DiSC® help? Offering […]