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  • Hybrid workplaces require even stronger teamwork skills

    You don’t have to be a human resources professional to know that where and how we work is changing for many people, especially knowledge workers. According to Nicholas Bloom, professor of economics, “Around 70 to 80% of firms are going to hybrid, the other 20 to 30% have mostly not decided. It looks like from the research, firms are going […]
  • Better onboarding using personality assessments

    Adding a new employee to your team is about more than just getting forms signed and logins set up. Taking care with an employee’s introduction to your organization is absolutely vital to retention, performance, morale, and team cohesion. Only 12 percent of employees think they had a good onboarding experience. That’s one reason why 31 percent of people have quit […]
  • 5 communication behaviors of a cohesive team

    No team can function without communication and many fail because of misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, lack of accountability, information hording, or other communication failures. From a shared understanding of why the team exists to the celebration of team success, teams can fail or thrive based on their ability to build meaning or share understanding by imparting and receiving information. Building communication […]
  • Ideas for virtual employee appreciation

    Many remote employees report feeling “out of sight, out of mind.” If your employees are going the extra mile, make sure they’re feeling the love.   The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day in the United States and Canada. It is a good opportunity to do something a little special for your staff to let them know […]
  • Uncover your leadership blind spots

    Many of us have aspects of leadership we know we excel at, and others we know we could improve. But what about the habits and attitudes that drive your leadership style, yet remain invisible to you? To truly be effective, leaders need to discover what they’re not seeing about themselves and the way they lead. Why do leaders need self-awareness? […]
  • 10 reasons DiSC is the perfect gift

    An Everything DiSC personality assessment is quick to purchase and will have long-term benefits for the recipient. Here are some reasons DiSC makes such a great gift. #1: You can give it to almost anyone in your life. It’s hard to think of someone who wouldn’t benefit from a DiSC profile. Consider gifting one to: Professional mentees or mentors Office […]
  • Team activity: Newsfeed stories

    Purpose: Help a team agree and focus on the results they want to see from their work. Work toward a team’s vision statement. Prerequisite: An introduction to team dynamics such as The Five Behaviors Personal Development Materials: A whiteboard (virtual or physical) or easel pad Time: 45 – 60 minutes Instructions Ask the team to create online newsfeed stories that […]
  • Using DiSC in real life

    How do staff at discprofile.com use the profiles they offer? I recently asked two of my colleagues for their insights into DiSC. They both provide customer service and hear many stories about clients who have benefited from DiSC, but I wanted to know about their own experiences. Nancy Nancy took her first DiSC assessment in 2005. That’s 15 years ago, […]
  • Accountability: Resources to share with your team

    Accountability: Assessments and related readings Suggested assessments The Five Behaviors Team Development The Five Behaviors Personal Development Profile Book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni Articles on this blog Holding team members accountable Am I holding myself accountable? Other articles How To Hold Your Team Accountable Without Micromanaging, Trello blog “To be held accountable is to be […]
  • How to be more Empathizing

    Learn to call upon the Empathizing mindset Do you find that it takes effort for you to have an empathetic approach? Everyone has mindsets that come more easily to them, and mindsets that take more energy to employ. All eight Agile EQ mindsets are valuable, and learning how to stretch into your uncomfortable ones is the key to deepening your […]
  • Your Resolute mindset in Agile EQ

    Do you have the Resolute mindset in Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™? Resolute is one of the eight Agile EQ mindsets, and tends to come more naturally to people with CD and DC styles. It’s important to remember that all eight mindsets are available to everyone to call upon when the situation demands it, even if some take more effort for […]
  • Catalyst: A new Everything DiSC learning platform

    Each organization has its own unique culture. The strength of that culture, though, depends on whether it was shaped with intention or left to develop in its own haphazard way. Without guidance and a shared purpose, bad habits and poor communication can easily become the foundation of company culture. Culture is not shaped through a one-time event. Rather, it calls […]
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