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Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures” Harvard Business Review blog, May 2018
“The best companies recognize that there are three elements to a culture: behaviors, systems, and practices, all guided by an overarching set of values. A great culture is what you get when all three of these are aligned, and line up with the organization’s espoused values.”

How showing vulnerability helps build a stronger team,, February 2018
“Most of us see vulnerability as a condition to be hidden. But when it comes to creating cooperation, vulnerability is not a risk but a psychological requirement.”

Do You Know Who Holds Your Office Together? Harvard Business Review blog, September 2015
“But organizations hurt themselves by ignoring or devaluing those efforts that keep the office warm and sociable.”

Empathy Is Still Lacking in the Leaders Who Need It Most, Harvard Business Review, September 2015
“Frankly, when empathy kept coming up in our research, I was surprised. All of the people we interviewed were serious business executives.”

In the Age of Loneliness, Connections at Work Matter, Harvard Business Review, September 2015
“Since most of us spend the majority of our time at work, let’s start the fight against loneliness there. Companies and leaders who want productive, happy employees should make it their job foster more intimacy at the office.”

Workplace Culture is THE Key to Creating Better Employee Well-Being, TLNT, July 2015
“Taking steps to begin building a thriving workplace culture will benefit employee well-being much more than climate-only changes.”

Get Rid of Unhealthy Competition on Your Team, Harvard Business Review blog, June 2015
“The team leader’s challenge is thus how to help smart, talented people who’ve gotten into coveted positions by performing well as individuals learn how to work well together — for the sake of a larger prize.”

How to Create and Maintain a Workplace Culture That Will Make Your Company Thrive, Forbes, October 2014
“Truth be told, either you can shape your own culture or it will inevitably shape itself.”

Winning Workplace Cultures: An Imperative for Enabling Business Success, Ivey Business Journal, September/October 2013
“Culture is an outcome of leadership styles, beliefs and values at all levels. To achieve a healthy work environment, one that is safe for people emotionally and from a team perspective, leaders must create a culture in which people can speak up, be trusted and respected and empowered to do the best they can.”

Slide decks

“Culture Code” on Slideshare
Many organizations have created decks to answer these questions: “So what exactly is company culture? What defines an organization, and how do companies create and proliferate their values?”

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