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How to Make Sales Training Actually Stick, Hubspot, January 2018
“There’s clearly a gap between perceived and actual ROI when it comes to sales training, with good money being spent on ineffective practices. ”

7 Reasons Salespeople Don’t Close the Deal, Harvard Business Review, November 2017
“7. They can’t establish a personal connection with the buyer.”

10 sales training techniques for sales managers, PandaDoc, August 2017
“Instead of focusing on assigned reading and sporadic training sessions, concentrate on deeper sales training tactics that stick. “

Three Promises Every Sales Team Needs to Make — and Keep, strategy+business, June 2017
‘Ultimately, it’s your own salespeople who are responsible for your company’s promises. Marketing may craft your brand promise, but your sales team makes the commitments that count for specific customers — what your company will deliver, when, and with what level of quality.”

84% of B2B Sales Start with a Referral — Not a Salesperson, Harvard Business Review, November 2016
“With social selling, salespeople use social media platforms to research, prospect, and network by sharing educational content and answering questions. As a result, they’re able to build relationships until prospects are ready to buy.”

How CEOs Can Improve Sales Leadership, Inc., September 2016
“Here are five specific tactics that CEOs, like yourself, can adopt in the coming months to improve sales leadership and grow your company’s revenue.”

Adapting to Customers’ Changing Needs: What World-Class Performers Do Differently, CSO Insights, August 2016
“How can sales organizations prepare themselves to adapt, and how can they do it faster than the competition?”

The 7 Attributes of the Most Effective Sales Leaders, Harvard Business Review, September 2015
“The best sales organizations have strong leaders who exercise control and establish the code of behavior that all team members must abide by. They employ their experiences to determine strategic direction and coach team members individually. “

New Research Reveals the Personality Traits of Top-Performing Sales Reps, Hubspot Blogs, March 2015
“New research from Steve W. Martin, founder of Heavy Hitter Sales, examined the personalities and habits of over 1,000 salespeople to suss out what separates quota busters from those who miss the mark.”

What our parking lot taught us about DiSC and sales, Talent Gear, February 2015
“Once we started talking about our vehicle purchases we discovered that our DiSC priorities were obvious in our purchases and in how we made those buys.”

What is the Social Sales Funnel? An Infographic for Everybody, CommonPlaces, January 2015
The infographic below can provide more insight into how other brands are leveraging social media to convert more leads through their sales funnel.

10 Ways to Increase Your Motivation and Your Sales, The Sales Hunter, 2015
“1. Celebrate your successes each day.”

50 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Sales Employees, Forbes, September 2013
“Just because sales representatives can write a comprehensive resume doesn’t mean they can sell. As an employer, it’s your job to determine whether or not they would be successful in their role as salesperson at your company.”

Social Selling: A Day In The Life of A Social Sales Person, Marketing Insider Group, 2013
“Social selling is not just about starting the sales process with social tools like Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter. Social selling is about salespeople building a strong personal brand.”

3 Behaviors That Drive Successful Salespeople, Harvard Business Review, May 2012
“The prevailing thinking is that the amount of time salespeople spend with customers is the most important determinant of how much they are able to sell. But recent research has uncovered an even more powerful leading indicator: the size and quality of a salesperson’s network inside their own company.

Why Customers Don’t Buy, Harvard Business Review, May 2012
“What is it that prevents a prospective customer from making a purchase even after they have conducted a lengthy evaluation process? The reasons may surprise you.”

For better ads, speak to personality types, Futurity, June 2012
“Advertisements can be more effective when they are tailored to the unique personality profiles of potential consumers, say researchers.”


Why We’re All in Sales, Harvard Business Review, February 2013
An interview with Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human.



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