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As you transition from individual contributor to manager, you shift your focus from solving technical problems to solving people problems.

—Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Suggested DiSC and related profiles:

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The Real Value of Middle Managers, Harvard Business Review

Research: Dispersed Teams Succeed Fast, Fail Slow, Harvard Business Review

How to Deal With Employees Who Undermine Your Authority, UpJourney

5 Behavioral Biases That Trip Up Remote Managers, Harvard Business Review

CIO role: 5 ways to delegate more, The Enterprisers Project

What Astronauts Can Teach Us about Working Remotely, Kellogg Insight

5 Tips for Managing an Underperformer — Remotely, Harvard Business Review

The 5 mistakes you’re likely making in your one-on-one meetings with direct reports, Know Tour Team
“Managers seem to think one-on-ones are going a whole lot better than employees do.”

If Your Managers Aren’t Engaged, Your Employees Won’t Be Either, Harvard Business Review
“You can’t change a culture without great managers who themselves are having an exceptional employee experience.”

4 Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation, Harvard Business Review
“Too often, managers think about what motivates themselves and assume the same is true of their employees.”

When Should Leaders Own a Decision and When Should They Delegate? KelloggInsight
Leaders earn their keep by making smart decisions. But sometimes the smartest decision is to delegate that decision to someone else.

Why Do So Many Managers Forget They’re Human Beings? Harvard Business Review, January 2018
“Our research showed that a global movement is taking place in the C-suites of thousands of progressive organizations like Accenture, Marriott, Starbucks, Microsoft, and LinkedIn. The leaders of these organizations ask themselves ‘How can we create more human leadership and people-centered cultures where employees and leaders are more fulfilled and more fully engaged?'”

How you can spark motivation at work, London Business School, January 2018
“The best performers are motivated by work that is rewarding in itself: work that gives meaning to their lives or develops their skills.”

10 Hard Truths About Management No One Tells You, Hubspot, December 2017
“Giving constructive criticism, conducting performance reviews, resolving conflicts, making sometimes unpopular decisions — managers have to do a lot of things that aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs.”

How to Improve the Engagement and Retention of Young Hourly Workers, Harvard Business Review, December 2017
“The job satisfaction of the young people we surveyed was driven in large part by how they thought their manager treated them. They said that being treated fairly and with respect was even more important than their income. Yet nearly 50% of the women and 40% of the men surveyed reported that they struggled at work because they felt they were treated unfairly by their manager.”

Our 6 Must Reads for First-Time Managers to Hit the Ground Running, First Round Review, November 2017
From “Good managers give a damn” to a 90-day plan, this article provides a synopsis and link to each of six great articles for managers.

How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals, Harvard Business Review, August 2017
“Step back and think about your leadership presence and if you are thinking, saying, and showing up as you most hope to and intend. Set a values-based leadership goal, increase your emotional intelligence and situational awareness, be direct with respect, and find strategies to maintain and sustain a stable and grounded presence.”

Small Talk Is an Overrated Way to Build Relationships with Your Employees, Harvard Business Review, July 2017
“Instead of relying on long lunches or happy-hour drinks, build good relationships with your employees by making sure they feel heard: Get to know what your people are thinking. Solicit feedback from them.”

5 Things New Managers Should Focus on First, Harvard Business Review, May 2017
“Do you feel excited and empowered because you now have the positional authority to tell other people what to do — or are you more excited by the prospect of helping others reach that same place?”

If You Want to Motivate Employees, Stop Trusting Your Instincts, Harvard Business Review, February 2017
“… while the science of motivation is robust and well-established, it is rarely applied to real-world management practices, which tend to be based on managers’ intuition and subjective experience.”

What Great Managers Do Daily, Harvard Business Review, December 2016
“Our data is a start, highlighting some traits of good managers that are actionable on a daily basis. The opportunity is huge for better-run organizations and a higher quality of life for workers.”

Is Your Employee Ready to Be a Manager? Harvard Business Review, October 2016
“You have an ambitious team member who’s asking to be promoted to manager. He’s great at his job, but is he really ready to lead? How do you judge his skills and experience? What’s the best way to measure his potential?”

Every Manager Needs to Practice Two Types of Coaching, Harvard Business Review, September 2016
“Confirmation that companies are on the right track in demanding frequent coaching sessions comes from Google’s ‘Project Oxygen,’ the company’s rigorous, data-based analysis of what makes great managers. Technical expertise made a difference, but only a small one. The single most important differentiator between good and great managers? ‘Be a good coach.'”

8 Mistakes Managers Make, According to Their Employees, Inc., August 2016
“In essence, these are the eight biggest mistakes leaders make that suck the life out of their teams. 1. Micromanaging.”

Almost All Managers Have at Least One Career-Limiting Habit, Harvard Business Review, July 2016
“The difference between the career you’ve got and the one you want is often just one or two bad habits. If you learn to think more carefully about the causes of your behavior, you’ll be far more successful at changing it.”

The Principles of Quantum Team Management, First Round Review, June 2016
“… instead of approaching management like being a therapist (only with more process and politics to deal with), I could think of it from a problem-solving perspective.”

Saving Your Rookie Managers from Themselves, Harvard Business Review, April 2016
“As these new managers internalize their stress, their focus becomes internal as well. They become insecure and self-focused and cannot properly support their teams. Inevitably, trust breaks down, staff members are alienated, and productivity suffers.”

Proof That Good Managers Really Do Make a Difference, Harvard Business Review BLOG, April 2016
“For one thing, they found that the reason well-managed firms have better employees is not just that they hire better people but also that they do a better job of getting worse ones to leave.”


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