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Hiring and retention: DiSC Profiles and related readings

Hiring and retention – DiSC Profiles and related readings

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Suggested DiSC profiles

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Hiring and promotion


Peer coaching with PXT Select,
Colleagues can use the PXT Select Coaching Report to begin peer coaching.

Introducing PXT Select™,
Learn how PXT Select™ makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter.

5 ways assessments help you avoid bad hires,
Assessments are a useful tool to ensure you are giving the hiring process the time, objectivity and analysis it needs.

Interviewing job candidates,
Helpful tips and reminders to review before interviewing job applicants.

How to keep bias out of the hiring process, Quartz at Work, October 2017
“But companies that are growing fast often haven’t been deliberate about their hiring structures, and frequently end up with a system that allows unconscious biases to flourish.”

The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews, The New York Times, April 2017
“… interviewers typically form strong but unwarranted impressions about interviewees, often revealing more about themselves than the candidates.”

Why People Quit Their Jobs, Harvard Business Review, September 2016
“Researchers agree that preemptive intervention is a better way to deal with employees’ wandering eyes than waiting for someone to get an offer and then making a counteroffer. “

How to hire for personality and train for skills, CIO, June 2015
“Finding talent with the right skillset for your company is not nearly as difficult as finding the right personality fit. As important as skills and technical know-how are, team chemistry is just as important – if not more so.”

Guess Who Doesn’t Fit In at Work, The New York Times, May 2015
“When done carefully, selecting new workers this way can make organizations more productive and profitable. But cultural fit has morphed into a far more nebulous and potentially dangerous concept.”

Misperceptions in Using Personality Assessments for Hiring, Huffington Post, January 2015
“In developing a selection battery that maximizes the predictive power of assessments, a number of types of tools can be used to measure specific key knowledge, skills and abilities. Workplace personality is only one component.”

Why Personality Still Matters After The Hiring Process Is Done, TLNT, November  2014
“Many HR pros and employers limit their use of personality tests to the hiring process, without realizing how effective personality assessments can be once candidates turn into employees. Yet a candidate’s personality and passion will influence everything from what projects they enjoy to what team members they work best beside.”

Companies are Hiring Based on Personality Instead of Experience, Business Insider, September 2014
“Business thrives on relationships, and if the relationships inside your business don’t work, then no amount of experience inside the firm will set things right.”

What’s Wrong with Job Interviews, and How to Fix Them, LinkedIn, June 2013
“Extensive research shows that interviewers try to hire themselves: we naturally favor candidates with personalities, attitudes, values, and backgrounds to our own.”

5 Ways To Reinvent Your Recruiting Strategy, Forbes, April 2014
“… it’s critically important to have senior managers brainstorm scenarios that pose a culture and business threat, and make plans to preserve both – especially when dealing with talent.”

Promote Internally vs. Hire Externally: Which Is Better?, Talent Management, May 2013
“Leaders successful in one organization may not be as successful in similar roles elsewhere. Implement cognitive and personality assessments to provide a more comprehensive outline of the leader’s potential to fit in the role, culture, industry, etc.”

10 Personality Types Most Likely to Get Hired, Business News Daily, March 2012
“It takes all types — personality types, that is — to run a successful small business. Having the right mix of people is especially important in a small business, where people often must interact more closely than they might in a larger organization.”

Why I Hire People Who Fail, Harvard Business Review, December 2011
“The failure wall was part of our efforts to create a company culture where employees can take risks without fear of reprisal.”

Top 10 Tips for Social Recruiting in 2012, Social Axcess, December 2011
“There are many new technologies, new ideas and new attitudes to finding and hiring the absolute best talent.  Here are a few quick tips for launching or improving your social recruiting strategy in 2012.”



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