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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni

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Am I holding myself accountable?

Be a better teammate: Accountability

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How To Hold Your Team Accountable Without Micromanaging, Trello blog
“To be held accountable is to be trusted. To hold someone accountable is to entrust them with a responsibility. ”

Managers: Compassion and Accountability Aren’t Mutually Exclusive, Harvard Business Review, August 2021
“Rather than thinking of it as a trade-off between compassion and accountability, think about how you can combine the two. Here are eight steps managers can take to meet goals while also being caring.”

How to Actually Encourage Employee Accountability, Harvard Business Review, November 2020
Even leaders who are beholden to flawed formal accountability processes can ensure that their employees feel their work is honored while simultaneously embracing opportunities to improve. In order to do so, dignity, fairness, and restoration must form the backbone of ongoing performance-related conversations.

The Decline of Peer Accountability, TLNT, October 2020
“With a widely dispersed workforce working independently and remotely, creating peer accountability in an organization will be much more challenging going forward. The role of leaders, therefore, is vital in creating an environment that cultivates peer accountability.”

Good Feedback Is a Two-Way Conversation, Harvard Business Review, June 2020
“Rather than relying on a feedback hierarchy, managers should consider a partnership model that distributes power and increases two-way conversation with their employees. It’s a humbler approach to managing people that focuses on asking questions, not giving orders. The author calls it the difference between ‘window gazing’ and ‘mirror holding.’”

Podcast: When Teams Mess Up, Who Takes the Fall? KelloggInsight audio, December 2019
“These days, more and more work is happening in teams. However, it’s often difficult to see who on the team did what. So how do we allocate blame when a team project goes wrong?”

Does Your Team Have an Accountability Problem? Harvard Business Review, February 2020
“Anyone can express frustration around an issue, but those who harness self-awareness and empathy not only find effective solutions but also build winning teams and colleagues for life.”

The False Choice: Inspiration vs. Accountability, Huffington Post, March 2017
“We love inspiration; accountability is not always as fun. But good leaders don’t choose between the two.”

The Best Teams Hold Themselves Accountable, Harvard Business Review, May 2014
“We’ve found that you can approximate the health of a relationship, a team and an organization by measuring the average lag time between identifying and discussing problems.”

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