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  • Activities for teams

    More than ever before, it’s teams, not just individuals, that get work done in organizations. They advance ideas, influence organizational culture, and execute on initiatives. Teams form, storm, norm, perform and adjourn. So it’s important to help them on their journey. These exercises are designed to help teams at various stages. In fact, an organization’s ability to thrive depends more […]
  • Building trust on virtual or remote teams

    As our workplaces change and more employees work remotely, how do we help their teams excel? How do we help them build the trust they need to perform at their best and to hold each other accountable if they aren’t? Trust doesn’t happen naturally. We probably all feel like we’re trustworthy, but we aren’t always sure of others. And there […]
  • Teams: Rewards and recognition

    While looking back on the teams I’ve been a part of, I recognized something important. Leaders who recognized the good work of a team—as a team—contributed greatly to the motivation levels and cohesion of that team. And teams that were ignored or devalued expended far too much energy having to build each other up, attempting to move beyond negative emotions […]
  • When teams don’t trust

    If your organization has an overall culture of trust, you might expect even newly formed teams to give each other the benefit of the doubt and to trust each other by default. But trust doesn’t always come easily or without an effort. Trust can be very hard to learn for someone who has experienced the betrayal of trust. That could […]
  • DiSC activities for teams

    Note: These activities assume that participants have had some introduction to DiSC styles. DiSC styles and teamwork Divide your group by styles. If you have one larger group, you can divide it again into one of the eight styles. In other words, if you have a room full of Ds, you can ask some of them to move into a […]
  • Activities for new teams

    Teams are where much of the work we do gets initiated, reviewed and even completed. It’s more important than ever to get newly formed teams comfortable with each other and communicating well. How can we make it easier for teams to get started right or continue with new members most effectively? Group reports Some organizations we work with make sure […]
  • Time management for teams

    There’s so much advice out there about how to manage your time. Most of it is good and practical, but just reading a few hints has never really helped me. Like others, I’m really too busy to take the time to really learn how to manage my time effectively. Like most other I’ve worked with, I need help and structure […]
  • Are we talking management or leadership?

    Is it clear to you if someone is in need of additional management skills or needs leadership development? How do management and leadership differ? Do great managers need leadership training? Let’s consider Peggy. She has just been promoted from an engineering role—working within a team of peers—to a manager—overseeing two large teams. She’s been promoted because someone saw her assuming […]
  • Results-oriented workplace culture

    Your team was formed to get results. It was not formed to increase the status of members or regularly get members out of their offices. It was not formed to claim and use resources. It does not exist to revisit the same agenda item over and over. So let’s look at some common problems and ways to become more oriented […]
  • Set ground rules for better team performance

    We often join a team and assume that all the members agree with our assumptions about what’s acceptable and what’s not. But they probably don’t. I’ve been on long-standing committees where certain behavior was accepted even though most members grumbled about it. This resulted in a low level of commitment to the committee and its goals. Taking the time to […]
  • Opening questions for team meetings

    Not everyone loves meetings. They can be made more engaging by preparing an opening question. It can be an ice breaker for newly formed groups or something to warm up the individuals in the group. It can help the quieter members of a group get more used to speaking up. Good questions are a way of bringing everyone’s attention to […]
  • Mission and vision statements that work: part two

    In part one of Mission and Vision Statements That Work we offered some tips for crafting a statement that is brief, specific and vibrant. Mission and vision statements that work: part two A colleague told me this story: She once worked for a director who was extremely proud of the vision statement he had written for the company. He had […]