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  • Sustaining culture on virtual teams

    Many organizations that pivoted to work-from-home at the start of the pandemic, thinking it was a short-term necessity, are now looking at remote work as a long-term, even permanent, state of affairs. As such, they are searching for ways to get out of survival mode into a more sustainable mindset. Culture plays a big role in this experience for employees. […]
  • Agile culture needs emotional intelligence

    Hurricane, pandemic, new competitor, international expansion, huge jump or drop in demand… companies must be ready for challenges they can’t predict and must respond to them more quickly than ever. That’s why so many organizations are adopting agile practices, like flattening decision-making hierarchies, introducing agile project management, or emphasizing flexibility in hiring. However, too many companies focus on making their […]
  • Results-oriented workplace culture

    Your team was formed to get results. It was not formed to increase the status of members or regularly get members out of their offices. It was not formed to claim and use resources. It does not exist to revisit the same agenda item over and over. So let’s look at some common problems and ways to become more oriented […]
  • Your team’s culture

    Have you ever been frustrated by having to work with a certain team? They seem to drag their heels, or they’re just so loud, or they just keep asking for more data? It’s common for some teams to work very differently, but still effectively, with each other and understanding a team’s style can help with that. Every team does things […]
  • Workplace culture

    Suggested DiSC profiles: The Five Behaviors Personal Development Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Everything DiSC Workplace DiSCProfiles blog categories Culture, Teams Articles Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures” Harvard Business Review blog, May 2018 “The best companies recognize that there are three elements to a culture: behaviors, systems, and practices, all guided by an overarching set of […]
  • DiSC C group culture

    The “Get it right” team To continue my overview of the characteristics of teams based on their DiSC profiles and their Group Culture Report, I move on to the C culture. When a team displays an C culture it values high standards, careful analysis and diplomacy. It might shy away from new ideas. The C culture rewards Accuracy Completeness Attention […]
  • DiSC S group culture

    The “Get along” team To continue my overview of the characteristics of teams based on their DiSC profiles and their Group Culture Report, I move on to the S culture. When a team displays an S culture it tends to be stable, predictable and friendly. The S culture rewards Cooperation Loyalty Humility Thoughtfulness Team focus The S culture criticizes Aggressiveness […]
  • DiSC i group culture

    The “Get recognition” team To continue my overview of the characteristics of teams based on their DiSC profiles and their Group Culture Report, I move on to the i culture. When a team displays an i culture it tends to be energetic, optimistic and values time spent socializing. The i culture rewards Creativity Enthusiasm Optimism Collaboration Passion The i culture […]
  • DiSC D group culture

    The way we do things My last post covered the availability and usefulness of the Everything DiSC Group Culture Report which is available for the Workplace, Management and Sales profiles. If you have three or more people who have taken an Everything DiSC profile, you can run a group report for them. For the next four posts I’ll cover each […]
  • Better onboarding using personality assessments

    Adding a new employee to your team is about more than just getting forms signed and logins set up. Taking care with an employee’s introduction to your organization is absolutely vital to retention, performance, morale, and team cohesion. Only 12 percent of employees think they had a good onboarding experience. That’s one reason why 31 percent of people have quit […]
  • 5 communication behaviors of a cohesive team

    No team can function without communication and many fail because of misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, lack of accountability, information hording, or other communication failures. From a shared understanding of why the team exists to the celebration of team success, teams can fail or thrive based on their ability to build meaning or share understanding by imparting and receiving information. Building communication […]
  • Ideas for virtual employee appreciation

    Many remote employees report feeling “out of sight, out of mind.” If your employees are going the extra mile, make sure they’re feeling the love.   The first Friday in March is National Employee Appreciation Day in the United States and Canada. It is a good opportunity to do something a little special for your staff to let them know […]
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