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  • Results-oriented workplace culture

    Your team was formed to get results. It was not formed to increase the status of members or regularly get members out of their offices. It was not formed to claim and use resources. It does not exist to revisit the same agenda item over and over. So let’s look at some common problems and ways to become more oriented […]
  • Your team’s culture

    Have you ever been frustrated by having to work with a certain team? They seem to drag their heels, or they’re just so loud, or they just keep asking for more data? It’s common for some teams to work very differently, but still effectively, with each other and understanding a team’s style can help with that. Every team does things […]
  • Do different cultures or nationalities tend toward one DiSC style?

    Regarding geography and culture, Mark Scullard, a psychometrician and DiSC researcher, had this to say recently in a LinkedIn forum: We don’t see much difference in DiSC results based on region of the U.S. In fact, I had just done a comparison using some representative states (CA, DC, FL, IA, NY, OH, TX, CO, GA) and found very few differences. […]
  • Workplace culture

    Suggested DiSC profiles: Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Everything DiSC Management Everything DiSC Workplace DiSCProfiles blog categories Culture, Teams Books The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business Patrick Lencioni covers four disciplines to organizational health: build a cohesive leadership team, create clarity, overcommunicate clarity, and reinforce clarity. The Great Workplace: How to Build […]
  • DiSC C group culture

      To continue my overview of the characteristics of teams based on their DiSC profiles and their Group Culture Report, I move on to the C culture. When a team displays an C culture it values high standards, careful analysis and diplomacy. It might shy away from new ideas. The C culture rewards Accuracy Completeness Attention to detail On-time performance […]
  • DiSC S group culture

    To continue my overview of the characteristics of teams based on their DiSC profiles and their Group Culture Report, I move on to the S culture. When a team displays an S culture it tends to be stable, predictable and friendly. The S culture rewards Cooperation Loyalty Humility Thoughtfulness Team focus
  • DiSC i group culture

    To continue my overview of the characteristics of teams based on their DiSC profiles and their Group Culture Report, I move on to the i culture. When a team displays an i culture it tends to be energetic, optimistic and values time spent socializing. The i culture rewards Creativity Enthusiasm Optimism Collaboration Passion
  • DiSC D group culture

    The way we do things My last post covered the availability and usefulness of the Everything DiSC Group Culture Report which is available for the Workplace, Management and Sales profiles. If you have three or more people who have taken an Everything DiSC profile, you can run a group report for them. For the next four posts I’ll cover each […]
  • Is it time to make a major career change?

    So, you might want to quit your job Thinking about making a career change? Maybe you’re unhappy with the culture where you work, maybe you want more of a challenge or more responsibilities—or fewer. Many of us have a hard time even if we already know what our first steps should be. Taking those first actions can be hard. Are […]
  • Opening questions for team meetings

    Not everyone loves meetings. They can be made more engaging by preparing an opening question. It can be an ice breaker for newly formed groups or something to warm up the individuals in the group. It can help the quieter members of a group get more used to speaking up. Good questions are a way of bringing everyone’s attention to […]
  • Activities for teams

    More than ever before, it’s teams, not just individuals, that get work done in organizations. They advance ideas, influence organizational culture, and execute on initiatives. Teams form, storm, norm, perform and adjourn. So it’s important to help them on their journey. These exercises are designed to help teams at various stages. In fact, an organization’s ability to thrive depends more […]
  • Mission and vision statements that work: part one

    Which of these mission statements is better? We can be relied upon to synergistically build cutting-edge solutions to meet our clients’ needs.  It is our mission to professionally build quality and competitive solutions to reach new levels of customer service. Yeah, you’re right: they both stink. And both were randomly created using the Mission Statement Generator, a funny online tool […]