DiSC in 2020 memes

DiSC in 2020 memes

The difficulties of 2020 sparked some creative responses. We, in turn, offered our own take on four popular memes.

Here’s our response for the C-style to the Reese Witherspoon’s meme.


Reese Witherspoon meme


DiSC C style in 2020

Our version of the “How it started/how it’s going” meme, inspired by the S-style tendency toward stability and controlling their environment.

DiSC S style: how it started; how it's going


The “Ocean Spray Guy” acted on the i-style part of his personality.

doggface208 Instagram viral video

Our snowman gave it a try, too.


Our response for the D-style to this “Just so I’m being honest” tweet.

Just so I'm being honest

Our version:

DiSC D style coping with working from home

Finding ways to be creative is a great way to respond to stress. We hope you enjoyed these images.



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