Fears of each DiSC style

Fears of each DiSC style

Want to frighten your friends, family, or foes this Halloween? Knowing their DiSC style can help.

D fears The DiSC D style fears being seen as vulnerable, being taken advantage of, appearing weak.

RSVP to a party at their place and tell them you loved the invitation they sent out. (First, make sure they aren’t actually hosting a party.)

Virtual option: Choose the advanced setting in Zoom to set your audio to “computer audio.” Then whenever your D-style friend speaks, play the theme to Jaws, a clip of someone laughing, or other sounds.

i fears The DiSC i style fears loss of influence, disapproval, and being ignored.

Invite them to your Halloween bash or monster mash at the last minute.

Virtual option: Throughout your next video call insist that they are on mute.

S fears The DiSC S style fears change, loss of stability, and offending others.

Change the date of your party. Then tell them costumes are required but must be tasteful and inoffensive… but also really funny and homemade.

Virtual option: Put food on your face and let others know you’re pulling a prank. Then wait to see how long it takes your S-style friend to tell you about it. If they tell you via chat, just ignore the message or text.

C fears The DiSC C style fears criticism, being wrong, strong displays of emotion.

Invite them to your Halloween party verbally and give them the wrong day. Insist that costumes are optional. Then ask them about what time they are coming and what they will be wearing. Tell them they got the date wrong and fret about their costume.

Virtual option: Schedule multiple video calls on their calendars, wait 2-3 days and delete them all. Email them and ask why they missed the first meeting you scheduled.


We’re not actually recommending scaring or pranking anyone. This is just a way of reinforcing your knowledge of DiSC styles. If you are hosting a Halloween costume party, why not ask everyone to come and act out their opposite style?


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