What is the DiSC i style?

What is the DiSC i style?

DiSC i style priorities

Whether you want a quick review of your own style, or if you’re looking for help working with an i-style person, we hope this short summary will help you out.

How well or how strongly this matches your own i style will depend on how close your dot is to the edge. The less strongly inclined you are to this style—or the closer your dot is to the center—the more likely it is that some of these traits will be expressed less frequently.

Jazz by Man Ray

Jazz by Man Ray

A quick look at the i type

Traits associated with this personality: energetic, lively, sociable, gregarious, persuasive, enthusiastic, impulsive, distracted, emotional, self-promoting, trusting, influential, magnetic, outgoing

Goals: Popularity, approval, excitement

Fears: Rejection, not being heard

Influences others through: Charm, optimism, energy

Overuses: Optimism, praise

In conflict: Expresses feelings, gossips

Would increase effectiveness through: Being more objective, following through on tasks

Leadership qualities of the i type

The i-style leader loves to take a new idea and run with it. They can also be scattered, erratic leaders who see little need for consistency.Energizing leadership

Other i styles

DiSC iD style

DiSC iS style

Curious about your own style?

We recommend taking Everything DiSC Workplace. Other Everything DiSC profiles are available for Management, Sales, Productive Conflict, Agile EQ, and Work of Leaders.

Note: This page applies only to Everything DiSC assessment results.

Why I chose this art piece for the i style

This piece is energetic, expressive, and colorful. It demands your attention and emotional response. Jazz is a performance art and demands improvisation, something that comes more naturally to the i-style person.


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By Kristeen Bullwinkle


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