What is the DiSC Di personality?

What is the DiSC Di personality?

DiSC Di style priorities

Whether you want a quick review of your own style, or if you’re looking for help working with a Di-style person, we hope this short summary will help you out.

How well or how strongly this matches your own Di style will depend on how close your dot is to the edge. The less strongly inclined you are to this style—or the closer your dot is to the center—the more likely it is that some of these traits will be expressed less frequently.

A quick look at the Di style

Richard Lindner, New York City IV

Traits associated with this personality: active, results-oriented, vocal, enthusiastic, assertive, quick, dynamic, inquisitive, persuasive, rebellious, restless, colorful, charming, intimidating, bold, driven, entrepreneurial

Goals: Quick action, new opportunities

Fears: Loss of power, loss of status, invisibility

Influences others by: Charm, bold action

Overuses: Impatience, egotism, manipulation

In conflict: Addresses issues head on, may say things they will regret

Would increase effectiveness through: Patience, humility, consideration of others’ ideas

Leadership qualities of the Di style

The Di-style leader is pioneering and seeks to stretch boundaries, find opportunities, and focus on results.Pioneering leadership

Other D styles

DiSC D style

DiSC DC style

Curious about your own style?

We recommend taking Everything DiSC Workplace.

Note: This page applies only to Everything DiSC assessment results.

Why I chose this art piece for the Di style

It’s bold, colorful, and commanding. This piece says “stop and look at me.” New York City is a place of power and vibrant culture. All this speaks to me of the Di style.

Please feel free to challenge this selection or suggest artwork that you see as a better fit.


All DiSC styles: DC, D, Di, iD, i, iS, Si, S, SC, CS, C, CD

By Kristeen Bullwinkle

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  1. Mindy 2 years ago

    Thanks for the very interesting overview! I LOVE how you have paired the description of each with an art piece… I agree this really expresses the boldness and ambition of the Di Style 🙂

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