DiSC team building activities

DiSC team building activities

Teams will benefit from exploring the styles of the individuals on the team and the style of the team itself. You can find facilitation support in the Everything DiSC facilitation kits, but we’ve also created or modified a few of our own activities.

Many of these activities are on our parent site, discprofile.com.

Activities for newly formed teams or groups

What have I got in my pockets?

Activities for working teams

Positive conflict on teams

Answer me this

This is our team

Eulogy for a team

The song I sing

Activities for with QuikDiSC cards

Team strengths

Characteristics feedback

Activities for with Everything DiSC floor graphic

My place in the circle

Affirmation bag toss

Walk the DiSC circle

 On this blog you’ll also find

Team activity Newsfeed stories
Work toward a team’s vision statement. What impact has the team had? What could other teams learn from them?


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