Does our team need the Five Behaviors Team Development?

Does our team need the Five Behaviors Team Development?

dysfunctional, frustrated teamCan you say that your team is cohesive? In other words, does it make good decisions quickly? Does it call upon the opinions and experience of all members? Is your team part of your competitive advantage?

Consider using The Five Behaviors Team Development if your team members agree with several of the following statements.

Does your team agree?

  • Some of us aren’t clear about priorities or direction.
  • We often make poor decisions.
  • We tend to be slow to make decisions.
  • Everything is urgent.
  • We ignore opinions, experiences, knowledge, or skills of some members.
  • Our meetings are boring.
  • Some of our members practice office politics.
  • Members of our team resort to personal attacks when they get frustrated.
  • We continue to have gridlock, recrimination and petty squabbles.
  • We never discuss controversial topics even though they could be critical to our success.
  • Some team members waste time and energy with posturing.
  • Our team misses windows of opportunity due to excessive analysis and unnecessary delay.
  • Some members lack confidence in the team.
  • Meetings are controlled by few members.
  • There is at least one member who does not contribute and is dead weight.
  • We revisit discussions and decisions again and again.
  • Some members second-guess each other.
  • Some members resent others because of different standards of performance.
  • Our team performs at a level of mediocrity.
  • We miss deadlines and key deliverables.
  • Our team leader is our sole source of discipline.
  • We tend to lose achievement-oriented members.
  • Team members focus on their own careers and individual goals.
  • The team is easily distracted.
  • The team has stagnated and isn’t moving forward.
  • Team members are suspicious of each other’s motives and personal agendas.

Did you find yourself agreeing with more than one statement? You’re not alone.

It’s not easy to be a highly functional, cohesive team. It’s likely that your team experiences some of these issues. If it does — and the team members want to improve their group performance and culture — a facilitated intervention with The Five Behaviors Team Development can help.

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