How to read DiSC profile results

How to read DiSC profile results

Reading and interpreting your DiSC results is so easy with Everything DiSC®. You don’t need to be a psychometrician or go through any special training. Your assessment is tabulated electronically and results are delivered in an easy-to-read and memorable narrative.

Here’s an example where the recipient has highlighted items of personal import:



The people at Wiley who work on these reports take great care with them. They are written in non-judgmental language and at a 5th grade reading level. Both the assessment and the report went through several stages of testing and refinement before being released. Adaptive testing was introduced recently to increase the validity of results. You can feel confident in the results.

strategiesLearn about others, too

It’s really not enough just to know a bit more about ourselves. We work and live with others, so Everything DiSC reports provide information about how to interact with other styles. The Everything DiSC Management profile, for example, details what is likely to motivate each of the four DiSC styles. The Sales profile offers insights into likely priorities of clients with different styles.

Even the “dot” tells a story

The publishers of DiSC first offered a profile with a graph of one’s results. But they found that people just couldn’t recall that image, nor did it really illustrate that everyone is a combination of styles—that we can all flex into another style when desired. The “DiSC dot” does a better job.

dot-stressMost (about 82%) of people will find that their dot is located in the outer half of the circle, showing a stronger inclination for the priorities of that style. Some people have multiple priorities and the shading on the circle reflects that, if present.

How to use disc profile information

Our reports give you some ideas about how to make use of what you’ve just learned about DiSC. They are specific to the assessment taken. Reports will have action steps or tips for improvement or for adapting your style. These are reports you’ll want to keep and refer back to during your career.

DiSC reports feature action steps.Individuals and organizations use Everything DiSC in several ways. One person might find it helpful when writing a resume or preparing for an interview, another for working with his manager or for increasing her leadership effectiveness. In our office we use it to onboard new employees, to work more effectively together and I think we’ve all used it with our spouses or significant others as well.


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  1. Nesit 3 years ago

    When I took the test, the results came back with DISC numbers for three different graphs marked:
    Public Concept
    Projected Concept
    Private Concept

    How do I interpret these three?

    • Author
      The team 3 years ago

      I’m sorry, but you these aren’t results you can get from an Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic assessment. So we are unable to help you. We always recommend using an Everything DiSC assessment for a research validated test, and easily read and understood profile.

  2. Virginia Nurmi 1 year ago

    What does it mean to have “tight” profile – all clustered near center of diagram?

    • Author
      The team 1 year ago

      It means you can easily flex into other styles. You’re not strongly inclined to your own style. We always recommend people with this outcome take a look at the Supplement for Facilitators report. The facilitator of your profile might be able to get a copy of this for you.

  3. sumit 1 year ago

    My Disc profile showed only some percentage numbers. how to interpret

    • Author
      The team 1 year ago

      We can only help you interpret your Everything DiSC results. If you’re only seeing percentages, you’ve taken a test based on the DISC model, but not an Everything DiSC assessment. If you want a validated and reliable assessment, you can purchase Everything DiSC Workplace.

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