Using DiSC to increase your employee engagement

Using DiSC to increase your employee engagement

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We’ve all been reading studies about the low engagement rates of employees. Gallup reports that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Is your organization part of the $450 billion to $550 billion Gallup estimates is lost each year in reduced productivity because of employee disengagement? Poor engagement results in lower productivity, higher turnover, and lower profitability. Can Everything DiSC® help?

Offering a program that includes DiSC shows a commitment to employee development. If you’re delivering a program such as DiSC, we encourage you to use engagement as a performance indicator by delivering a short engagement survey before you announce the introduction of DiSC and again several weeks later.

Here’s how DiSC can help.

Improved relationships with coworkers.

DiSC participants will gain a deeper understanding of their colleagues—what motivates them, how to communicate with them, and what stresses them. This can really make a difference on a team. Just sharing information about your own style and having others listen to you can increase your feeling of well-being. A Day in the Life activity can really help here.

Some of our clients use DiSC tipsfor onboarding as part of their efforts to engage a team in welcoming a new member. Important questions like “how do you like to receive feedback” or “what motivates you” can be discussed. That has to be as important as learning how to fill out an expense report.

The new My Everything DiSC platform makes DiSC an even more embedded, long-lasting program. Employees can share their reports with team members at any time, from any device.


Improved relationship with direct manager.

Managers can learn how to manage, motivate and delegate more effectively with the Everything DiSC Management Profile. With the use of Comparison Reports, managers and direct reports can get specific tips for working together. DiSC can help managers understand how to better support and challenge their staff. If you want to improve retention rates, improving managers’ relationships with their staff is a great place to begin.

Increased belief in their leadership.

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders program develops leaders throughout your organization. By learning more about creating a vision, gaining alignment, and championing execution, leaders can strengthen their relationships with others in the organization, vendors, and customers.

Leadership development paths are often missing from organizations with low engagement rates. A leadership development program can help with identifying emerging leaders, give managers a way to reward top employees, and ingrain organizational values and culture. People from different departments, joined through their l363 for Leaders report exampleeadership development experience, gain in their understanding of the entire business and start to see each other as peers instead of strangers.  Employees know managers are willing to invest in their development and they see something to aspire to.

If you really want to dig into leadership styles and discover areas for development as identified by staff and upper management, you can run a 360 review with Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders. Employees feel more engaged when they are able to provide feedback and see results. With the CommentSmart feature of the 363 review, those giving feedback are able to select from informative and actionable feedback options and leave the leader with practical tips for his or her development.

Show your employees that you value them, are curious about their personality styles and priorities, and are committed to their professional and personal development. Use Everything DiSC to foster healthy relationships throughout the workplace.  Utilizing Everything DiSC can be a step to improving productivity, lowering turnover, and increasing profitability.


We love Everything DiSC for its simplicity and insightful assessment of our employees and team make-up.
— Meghan

It was so eerily accurate, and I am actually excited for my CEO to read it so that he can kind of “get to know” me better. Not that he doesn’t know me…but it really does show the way I think and what I need to work productively.
— Lindsey

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