Understanding DiSC’s EPIC administration tool

Understanding DiSC’s EPIC administration tool

EPIC dashboardIntroduction to EPIC

EPIC is the assessment delivery and reporting platform where you manage all the profiles, send out access codes for tests, archive results, change your brand image, and conduct other administrative tasks. It offers you quite a bit of flexibility and control.

You’re first given access to EPIC when you purchase an EPIC Admin Account. Your account will be set up for you and some basic branding, such as your company name and logo, will be added, if available.

The EPIC platform is provided by the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., but your DiSCProfile.com team can assist you with your account.

EPIC credits for DiSC

To purchase assessments with the results reports, you will need to purchase credits to use in EPIC. Starter Packages provide you with an initial set of credits. The credits can be used to deliver the assessments and run the reports you want. Some companies that regularly deliver DiSC programs might buy 1,000 credits at a time and use them for Workplace assessments, Management assessments, facilitator reports, and group reports. Other organizations might first determine exactly how many assessments and reports they need, check on the number of credits required for each, and then order only the number of credits they need to deliver a single program.

The number of credits you have in your account is displayed on the top right of your EPIC dashboard.

Free reports in EPIC

The Everything DiSC Comparison Report is a free option in EPIC. As long as two people have taken an Everything DiSC assessment, you can run comparison reports for them. Don’t forget to make use of this freebie. Comparison Reports do not work with the DiSC Classic product family so we recommend getting started with the Everything DiSC family.

TeamViewDotA free report for the facilitator is also available in EPIC. If you’ve had a group all take an individual DiSC profile, you can run a Team View report and see at a glance how everyone’s dots mapped out or view each person’s graph. The Team View works with both DiSC Classic and Everything DiSC product families.

Sample reports can be run without using any credits. These are great to share with anyone you’re pitching a DiSC training to. Let them see a sample and leave it with them. Since you get to customize the cover of reports with your logo and contact information, this can be a great sales tool.

Common EPIC tasks

We offer an EPIC Guide and additional pages of instructions and tips at DiSCProfile.com.

Additional help for Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

Delivering 360s is a little more complicated than delivering a single assessment.  Because of its relative complexity and administrative requirements, we don’t typically include it at EPIC account set up, but we’re happy to add it when you want it. Help for running the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders is available at demo.everythingdisc.com/363-For-Leaders-Getting-Started.aspx. This site will take you through set-up, communication, assessment, coaching, and wrap up.


by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team


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