Understanding our DiSC S-style colleagues and friends

Understanding our DiSC S-style colleagues and friends

How much do you know about the Everything DiSC S personality preference?

We know that S-style people tend to be more cautious and reflective than fast-paced and outspoken. They are also warm, sincere and accepting personalities. If you want someone to listen patiently to you, this might be the person you go to. If you want to escape after a hectic and chaotic day, theirs might be the home or office to which you turn.

But how do the S-styles differ? What difference does the placement of the DiSC dot really make?

DiSC S style priorities

The solid S or the high S style

Everything DiSC S styleStrong S personality prioritizes SUPPORT. They tend to be great listeners, offering a friendly and open ear. Even though they can be accommodating to other styles, they prefer that you be sincere and dependable.

If you work or live with a strong S, you might wish they were more open with their own opinions, less passive in their conflicts with you, and put on a more self-confident countenance. They can be overly cautious, but others might appreciate their focus on providing a predictable and orderly environment.

When things aren’t going well for you, the S friend can be a comfort. When you’re looking for thrills and want someone to go on adventures with you, another friend might be a better choice.

Corresponding DiSC Classic patterns: Specialist or Achiever.

Leadership style: Inclusive.
Inclusive leaders can be sincere, accommodating people who collaborate with others to make decisions where everyone wins. Sometimes they can be passive, overly trusting leaders who let others take advantage of their supportive, patient nature.

DiSC Si style prioritiesThe Si style

Everything DiSC Si styleHow does Si differ from the S? They are even more strongly focused on COLLABORATION.

In the workplace you’ll find the Si involving others in their decisions and actions. They might be taking on more than they can handle because they dislike saying “no.” They are probably well-liked and know everyone.

If you want to support an Si, you might help them by addressing conflicts directly. They really dislike upsetting people and have a hard time seeing that conflict can be part of healthy collaboration. If you disagree with them, let them know that the disagreement won’t end your personal or professional relationship.

Corresponding DiSC Classic patterns: Agent.

Leadership style: Affirming.
At their best, they can be supportive leaders who work to create a respectful, positive environment. At their worst, they can be indirect, conflict-averse leaders who fail to hold others accountable.

DiSC SC style prioritiesThe SC style

Everything DiSC SC styleThis type of S is the least fast-paced. They place a high priority on STABILITY, so much so that they are sometimes seen as inflexible. They are really just very cautious and don’t like surprises.

Like the other S styles, they can be slow to speak up or to take the lead. They are less likely to be emotional when stressed by time pressure or uncertainty, however. But just because they comply with your wishes, you shouldn’t assume they agree with you.

You might think of your SC colleague as a workhorse because of their reliability, their even temperament, diplomacy, and self-control. People might assume that their work will be accurate, systematic and thorough and they’ll probably be right.

Corresponding DiSC Classic patterns: Investigator.

Leadership style: Humble.
They can be modest, fair-minded leaders who provide reliable outcomes through steadiness and consistency. They can also be rigid, overly cautious and afraid to move beyond the status quo.

The S style on Pinterest

Leadership style summaries were taken from 8 Dimensions of Leadership, a book covering the same styles (or dimensions of leadership personality) as the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile.

Take the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment to learn your DiSC style.

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by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team



  1. Ray Richardson 4 years ago

    Are I people and s people very compatible? I am a pretty high I and my wife is a solid s

    • Author
      The DiSCProfile.com team 4 years ago

      Are you compatible? I have no idea. DiSC can’t tell you that because people and relationships are too complicated. It can, however, help in understanding each other.

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