DiSC haikus

DiSC haikus

kanji for the word haikuby Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team

If you’ve followed DiSCProfile’s Facebook page, you might have noticed us posting a few DiSC haikus. Writing something similar might be a fun training exercise.

Details, facts, reason;
Let’s get to the point right now.
That’s a C-style, dude.

Winning, that’s my goal.
Decisive, bold, and daring.
Oh yeah, I’m a D.

We are two C-styles.
Vacation photos include
almost no people.

I do it with flair.
And so hate to be ignored.
Yes, I’m an i style.

Most Influencers
prefer Apple to Apples
over chess or RISK.

Dominance is not
about always winning games
but mostly it is.

Conflict is not good.
I’m helpful and supportive.
The S is sincere.

DiSC for the holidays

Can you tell which preference is being written about?

If its the holidays,
Budgets first, presents after.
Optimize giving.
Tradition, family,
Friends, caroling, snow, cookies,
Showing our affection.
Parties, food, and drink.
I love the colors and sounds.
Let’s get together.
Gifts denote status.
Name brands, high-end, quality.
I give the best stuff.


How about taking up the challenge and writing a few of your own? Be sure to share them with us.




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