More on the 12 expanded DiSC styles

More on the 12 expanded DiSC styles

Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC uses four basic styles to describe how people approach their work and relationships, but twelve styles are actually noted on your personal profile report. The position of your dot and the shading or your circle reflects your strongest tendencies or priorities.

I like to look at these selected traits when preparing for a presentation. It gives me an idea of what my strengths will be (strict standards, resolute approach) and it also cautions me to watch myself for being overly blunt or critical. I look at other profiles and know that I need to project a more warm personality and maybe insert a personal story if I want to reach more of my audience.

More examples are available at Examples of 12 DiSC styles

My DiSC style is D

DC – challenge, results, accuracy

Influences others by: High standards, determination

Overuses: Bluntness; sarcastic or condescending attitude

Would increase effectiveness through: Warmth, tactful communication

D – results, action, challenge

Influences others by: Assertiveness, insistence, competition

Overuses: The need to win, resulting in win/lose situation

Would increase effectiveness through: Patience, empathy

Di – action, results, enthusiasm

Influences others by: Charm, bold action

Overuses: Impatience, egotism, manipulation

Would increase effectiveness through: Patience, humility, consideration of others’ ideas

Understanding our D-style colleagues and friends

My DiSC style is i

iD – action, enthusiasm, results

Influences others by: Ability to think creativity, charisma

Overuses: Impulsiveness, outspokenness

Would increase effectiveness through: Focusing on the details, patience, listening to others

i – enthusiasm, action, collaboration

Influences others by: Charm, optimism, energy

Overuses: Optimism, praise

Would increase effectiveness through: Being more objective, following through on tasks

iS – collaboration, enthusiasm, support

Influences others by: Agreeableness, empathy

Overuses: Patience with others, indirect approaches

Would increase effectiveness through: Acknowledging others’ flaws, confronting problems

Understanding our i-style colleagues and friends

My DiSC style is S

Si – collaboration, support, enthusiasm

Influences others by: Showing empathy, being patient

Overuses: Kindness, personal connections

Would increase effectiveness through: Saying “no” if necessary, addressing issues

S – support, stability, collaboration

Influences others by: accommodating others, consistent performance

Overuses: Modesty, passive resistance, compromise

Would increase effectiveness through: Displaying self-confidence, revealing true feelings

 SC – stability, support, accuracy

Influences others by: Diplomacy, self-control, consistency

Overuses: Willingness to let others lead, humility

Would increase effectiveness through:Initiating change, speaking up

Understanding our S-style colleagues and friends

My DiSC style is C

CS – stability, accuracy, support

Influences others by: Practicality, attention to detail

Overuses: Traditional methods, sense of caution

Would increase effectiveness through: Showing flexibility, being decisive, showing urgency

C – accuracy, stability, challenge

Influences others by: Logic, exacting standards

Overuses: Analysis, restraint

Would increase effectiveness through: Acknowledging others’ feelings, looking beyond data.

CD – challenge, accuracy, results

Influences others by: Strict standards, resolute approach

Overuses: Bluntness, critical attitude

Would increase effectiveness through: Cooperation, paying attention to others’ needs

Understanding our C-style colleagues and friends


by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the team



  1. Kristi phelps 5 years ago

    I took this personalitly test for my employer and the printes mt results that said my profile is level.. Said that it was very rare and that i was almost completely equal in all four.. Has anyone ever heard of this? I have googled it and cant find any info about it.. If someone has any info on this disc type please let me know..

    • Author
      The team 5 years ago

      It’s very possible that you did not take an Everything DiSC assessment. In our assessment your style will be reflected by dot placement within a circle. Everything DiSC uses adaptive testing methods that give a more accurate assessment than other tests based on the DISC model. (If your dot placement isn’t clear, you get more questions to answer so more data can be acquired.)
      If you did take an Everything DiSC assessment, ask for the Supplement for Facilitators report. That provides a bit more information about how your style was plotted.
      If you show no preference for any style, you can still learn a lot about how to better communicate with those of us with strong style preferences. One style or dot location is not better than another.

  2. Diana E Russell 4 years ago

    I got all 4 equal parts as well. Which makes sense for me really.

  3. Matus 4 years ago

    “Influences others by: ”
    Is something missing there, or is it just that S people really don’t influence others?

    • Author
      The team 4 years ago

      Thanks for letting us know that something was indeed missing.

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