Try Everything DiSC for Less: DiSC Classic Online Migration Program

Try Everything DiSC for Less: DiSC Classic Online Migration Program

Have you been using DiSC Classic, but would like to test or move your company to an Everything DiSC product? Now is the time. Right now, if you have completed a DiSC Classic 2.0 or 2 Plus online report you can still migrate to Everything DiSC for less.

Why upgrade to Everything DiSC?

Everything DiSC Products are the newest DiSC Products.  They have several differences compared to DiSC Classic.

The Everything DiSC questionnaire uses an adaptive testing method while DiSC Classic uses forced choice ranking.  With Everything DiSC your scoring uses eight scales as compared to the four scales with DiSC Classic, making it a more precise assessment.

There are many benefits with Everything DiSC including FREE comparison reports.  The report is more personal, relevant and has a richer narrative. Your results are displayed on a circle, which is more intuitive and memorable.  The shading of the circle better illustrates how we are all D, i, S, C.  The Everything DiSC reports are all application-focused.

Migration offer

Anyone who has completed a DiSC Classic profile in your EPIC account can take an Everything DiSC profile at a special reduced cost – 10 credits off for Everything DiSC Workplace, Work of Leaders, Management or Sales.

This discount is automatically applied when using the Create a New Report/Issue Access Codes function.

Everything DiSC Profile Normal Price Special Migration Price*
Everything DiSC Workplace 15 Credits 5 Credits
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders 25 Credits 15 Credits
Everything DiSC Management 25 Credits 15 Credits
Everything DiSC Sales 25 Credits 15 Credits

*Must have a Completed DiSC Classic 2.0, 2 Plus or PPSS profile in your EPIC account. These reflect the prices for English language products. Other language credit prices may differ based on the language. Any available language will offer a 10 credit discount through this program.

The process is easy…

Create Discounted Reports

Use the Create a New Report/Issue Access Codes function to create a new report. While adding Respondents, instead of entering the person’s name and email address, use the Use Existing Report function below. The EPIC credit discount will automatically be applied for eligible DiSC Classic to Everything DiSC migrations.

Use Existing Report

Tip: When available, select the Use Existing Report tab, then use the Search button to search for and select Respondents with completed profiles.

EPIC: Edit existing report

  • When using one completed Everything DiSC Respondent to create a new Everything DiSC report, Respondents will not be required to take the DiSC portion of the assessment again. Their previous DiSC style scores will be used in the new report, and only the report-specific questions will be asked of them.
  • When using a completed DiSC Classic report to create an Everything DiSC report, the Respondent name and email address are carried forward, and the Respondent will be able to take the complete Everything DiSC assessment.

EPIC displays a message when one or more of your Respondents qualifies for the Leap Forward credit discount, and the credit deduction is automatically applied:

EPIC: Leap Forward credits


Have any questions regarding this exciting program?  Contact us at


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