DiSC D group culture

DiSC D group culture

The "Get it done" teamThe way we do things

My last post covered the availability and usefulness of the Everything DiSC Group Culture Report which is available for the Workplace, Management and Sales profiles. If you have three or more people who have taken an Everything DiSC profile, you can run a group report for them. For the next four posts I’ll cover each of the cultures. What types of behaviors does each reward? What does it encourage?

The D culture can struggle with high turnover and a stressful environment. Can you see why? Can you suggest ways to make it more successful?

 The D culture rewards

  • Independence
  • Decisiveness
  • Directness
  • Victory
  • Results

The D culture criticizes

  • Oversensitivity
  • Hesitation
  • Over-analysis
  • Foot-dragging
  • Weakness

Advantages of the D culture

  • Offers a dynamic and engaging environment
  • Makes decisions without wasting time
  • Drives toward results
  • Provides opportunities to prove oneself
  • Rewards determination and persistence
  • Continually pushes for new accomplishments
  • Encourages innovation
  • Gives straightforward feedback

Drawbacks of the D culture

  • Leads to tension and burnout
  • Fails to spend time on thorough analysis
  • Overwhelms those who are less aggressive
  • Creates power struggles that lead to poor decisions
  • Takes too many risks
  • Overemphasizes status
  • Discourages teamwork because of competitiveness
  • Provides feedback without considering feelings

The “Get It Done” Team poster (PDF)

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Sample Everything DiSC Group Culture Report (PDF)

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