DiSC C group culture

DiSC C group culture

DiSC C-style team

The “Get it right” team

To continue my overview of the characteristics of teams based on their DiSC profiles and their Group Culture Report, I move on to the C culture.

When a team displays an C culture it values high standards, careful analysis and diplomacy. It might shy away from new ideas.

The C culture rewards

  • Accuracy
  • Completeness
  • Attention to detail
  • On-time performance
  • Dependability

The C culture criticizes

  • Mistakes
  • Illogical behavior
  • Lateness
  • Spotty research
  • Exaggeration

Advantages of the C culture

  • Calculates risks thoroughly
  • Delivers exceptional quality control
  • Makes decisions logically
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Clarifies policies and expectations
  • Emphasizes reliability and precision
  • Respects people’s rights
  • Provides well-defined goals

Drawbacks of the C culture

  • Overanalyzes
  • Misses opportunities due to excess caution
  • Lacks outward excitement and energy
  • Stifles informal communication
  • Fails to foster a strong sense of community
  • Ignores people’s feelings
  • Feels critical, cold or cynical to some
  • Closes itself off to outsiders

Since I’m a C, all this sounds great. But having worked in a C culture I know how easy it is to be seen as cold, critical and hard to approach. It’s also hard to take chances or take actions that energize the group.

Your thoughts?

How do you respond to the C culture? How can a C team be more decisive? How would you lead an C team? What can you learn from the C culture?

“Get It Right” Team poster (PDF)

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Sample Everything DiSC Group Culture Report (PDF)

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  1. haiden 10 years ago

    Great! You can recognize them as being very reserved and more indirect than other styles. These people present a formal front, with a closed posture and “can’t read” facial expressions. They don’t like to express their feelings readily.


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