Certified DiSC trainer interview

Certified DiSC trainer interview

I spoke with an experienced trainer, Leslie Gorman, vice president of education and development at Hair Club. She has been using DiSC for over 20 years, recently moving from the paper version of DiSC Classic to the Everything DiSC suite of assessments.

Certified as a DiSC trainer in the 1980s, Gorman has updated her skills and training materials by purchasing Everything DiSC trainer kits. She uses facilitation materials included in the kits. “I didn’t have to create them from scratch. Plus I got updated on the research behind the change to the circle model. It’s nice to have a refresher every so often. I use them as a starting point and customize the materials for Hair Club.”

DiSC training is offered throughout the company, from the executive management team, to physicians, to sales consultants. Gorman spoke a lot about the consultative quality of the relationships within the company and with their clients. Everything DiSC Workplace is her choice for use during trainings with corporate and franchise  staff and managers to help them work more effectively together, to relate better to each other.

Gorman also uses the profile in training Hair Club physicians. “Our challenge is that doctors are used to having health-related, rather than elective, consultations. Our doctors are still the doctor, but they also have to provide consultative services with many more choices. We help them on the consultation skills and on working better with Hair Club staff.”

She used Everything DiSC Management with the executive management team so they could learn each others’ styles and come together better. She referenced InsideOut Coaching™, another program she respects, and how “they dovetail very well together.” She uses both to teach managers how to have more effective coaching or mentoring relationships and provide better feedback to each other.

Since Hair Club sales are more consultative than transactional, Gorman uses Everything DiSC Sales extensively with sales staff. In fact, she is in the process of revamping their entire sales training and will use DiSC to help sales consultants “understand where their client is coming from and to build trust” with potential clients. As an example, “How do I as a D have a consultation with an S? How do I adapt my energy level and my language?”

Gorman also uses DiSC to inform how she offers training. She uses the Facilitator Report to see everyone’s primary and secondary styles. “It’s helpful for me to know what I’m going to be facing in an upcoming class.” Her sales trainings typically run around 80 percent i styles with a smattering of D styles. “My focus is keeping them on task and reining them in.” Her corporate classes are overwhelmingly S, then C styles. “For them I spend more time working on interactions.”

   by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team


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