Putting employees in their place … their right place

Putting employees in their place … their right place

We all know of someone who thrived in his or her job, was the person you wanted on your team and then was promoted or moved to another position and never performed as well. Or you know of a manager who could never keep good staff. Bad matches can cost a business money.

What can you do to match a job and a person? First let’s ask a few questions:

  • Will the job change be a stretch for the employee?
  • How will you support the employee in gaining new skills?
  • What are the more intangible differences in the jobs? Will the employee need to change the way he or she prefers to work? Or is used to working? Will he need to draw on different resources?
  • How does the leadership style of the new person differ from the person she replaced?
  • Do the styles of the teams he’ll be working with differ from his old teams?

Many HR departments and consultants rely on two different tools to aid transitions like this. One is Everything DiSC Workplace or Everything DiSC Management and another is StrengthFinder 2.0.

DiSC can help you assess the personalities of teams and individuals. It can help the employee see where she’s most comfortable and where she’ll need to stretch her preferred style. It will give her tools to use with her new colleagues. Running a Comparison Report for her and her new manager, or for her and her new reporting staff, will give her a sizable advantage when starting her new job.

StrengthFinder does just what it implies. It’ll help a trainer or manager decide where to offer extra mentoring or training. It will also provide the employee with better information about whether or not he feels like he wants the new job and if it’s a good fit. It can help take his focus off the paycheck and prestige of a new position. As long as the new job description has been properly researched and written, it’ll give him a good insight into how well his strengths currently meet the strengths needed for the job.

There are a few other assessments that use the DISC model that claim to aid in matching a person’s style to a career. However, the psychometricians responsible for Everything DiSC report:

“An analysis was performed to examine the relationship between DiSC scale scores and occupational membership. … Overall, these results suggest that DiSC does have a relationship to occupational membership for selected occupations, but as expected, this relationship is modest.”

Everything DiSC assessments can help onboard a new employee. A group report can show that a certain style is missing from a team. But it should never be used as a primary part of a hiring decision. If you need a validated pre-hire assessment, we recommend using PXT Select.

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by Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team


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