DiSC as a constructive tool

DiSC as a constructive tool

construction signsWhen you think of the construction industry you probably think of hammers and wrenches, not personality assessments. One trainer in the construction industry uses DiSC Classic 2.0 as a tool for his training of leaders in the field.

Michael Brunner, owner of CCS Construction Training, offers coaching, mentoring and training to people in the building trades. He’s an experienced trainer, age 66, who has used DiSC Classic for over 30 years.

“I do a lot of one-on-one coaching and teaching. The DiSC gives me an opportunity to know more about a person and how they’ll respond to my training,” says Brunner. Since his coaching relationships tend to last for months, this insight is helpful for him. It helps him plan how to keep his clients engaged and satisfied. “Before I meet them I learn how they are wired.”

His clients value the  insights they gain from DiSC. “After they’ve taken the test, I ask them if they think it’s 75 to 90 percent accurate. Invariably they tell me it’s 90 to 95 percent accurate.”

Brunner’s clients tend to have come up through the ranks of the building trades. They have little formal management or leadership training unless they have college degrees. “DiSC gives me and them a wide range of adjectives (pages 6, 7, 8, and 9)—a range of where they are in terms of strengths and limitations. I ask them to pick the ones they see that prevent them from attaining their next level. Then I ask them to pick two or three to work on for the next three to four months.”

“Seeing their own profile helps them focus on where they may use traits inappropriately or excessively. If they learn more about people—to value them more—they might get better cooperation and collaboration.” He recalls that in the past, the person who yelled the loudest got the management job. Younger workers don’t accept that.

What DiSC style is most common among his clients? “In our industry we see a lot of Ds and Cs,” says Brunner.




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