DiSC and the Smurfs?

DiSC and the Smurfs?

I just have to share a recent blog post by Loucas Papantoniou, “These Smurfalicious personas will engage your users.” If he can use DiSC as a way to develop personas for web design, there have to a hundred ways for others to use it for sales, marketing, design, politics, etc.

DiSC is basically about communication styles. What do we do that doesn’t involve communication and negotiation? When deciding what to wear, which movie to watch, whom to hire to fix our toilet, we make decisions based on our own personalities and on how we want to present ourselves. We find ways to compromise with or influence others to get our needs met. DiSC illustrates how to understand the needs and styles of others to be more successful at these frequent tasks.

In this clever article about designing a website to meet the needs of various types of visitors, Mr. Papantoniou uses Smurfs and DiSC profiles to make his point. One example:

Strong-”S” type Smurfs require some understanding and sympathy from you in order to trust you and commit with you. Grouchy of course is a special case, hating everything and everybody. However, if you look deep inside in his heart, he is a very sensitive Smurf. You get his attention by repeating messages that reassure his need to make a personal connection.

How are you using DiSC to inform your business and personal decisions?

Image by Usabilla, used by permission
Author: Kristeen Bullwinkle and the DiSCProfile.com team

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  1. Jon Tolan 11 years ago

    Think blue, be blue and be smurf.

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