Developing leaders with Everything DiSC®

Developing leaders with Everything DiSC®

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Leadership is a highly desirable skill. One of our clients has built a successful business coaching others on how to improve their leadership and business communication. She has used Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders with several of her own clients.

“Many of our clients are leaders in corporations or middle managers, and we’re working to further develop their leadership skills,” states Ellen Dunnigan, Accent On Business founder and CEO. “360s provide a view of what characteristics we are displaying or not. A person can see that they possess some, but not all, of the characteristics they need to be a great leader.”

Most 360 tools ask a person to rate himself or herself on various traits and behaviors they commonly display. These tools also require others who work with the person being evaluated to provide feedback on the leader. The DiSC tool differs from many 360 tools in that it doesn’t allow for open-ended responses from reviewers. Ellen chose Everything DiSC 363 because of that difference. “Answers given to open-ended questions are not always constructive or even appropriate. There’s the potential to give unhelpful or even hurtful comments. You could write an essay about the person. 363 is not like that. I have to choose from a set of available comments the ones I feel best reflect the person. It gives the person constructive feedback.”

CommentSmart exampleOne of the important benefits of any 360 review, according to Ellen, is the opportunity to take the time to step back and take the time to look at whether or not we are displaying the characteristics we want to. “We’re all so busy professionally and in our personal lives. This tool gives people the opportunity to look at themselves in a deeper way. They can evaluate how they act in accordance with their own values, with the interests of their employers, and build upon their successes.”

Another unique feature of DiSC 363 is that it provides insights a person can start using right away. “I really like that it gives people ideas on areas they can start to address in their future development.” She spoke of leaders who told their colleagues about what they had learned and what they wanted to work on. They then asked for feedback on how they were doing and to be told when they weren’t on the right track.

Ellen pointed out that neurolinguistics shows us that when we look at people who grow up in the same environment, with the same advantages or disadvantages, one person might succeed where another one doesn’t. This field points to communication as a deciding factor for success. A tool like Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders can help us define where we are lacking communication skills so we can take steps to make ourselves better communicators, better leaders, and more successful in our chosen endeavors.

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